log (2008/07/04 to 2008/07/10)

Good morning! Although it'll be afternoon in about two minutes. *8)

We went out last night with friends and neighbors, and saw the Hudson Valley Shakespeare folks do Cymbeline. Unlike the last two years, there was no quirky overlay theme, no Flash Gordon characters or cowboy singers, just a well-done presentation of one of Shak's plays that I don't know hardly nothing about.

The program notes include the director or somebody opining that Cymbeline isn't really the sort of self-pastiche that it appears to be and that people sometimes dismiss it as, but is actually a deep and mysterious thing, a product of the Bard's maturity and a great depth of thought. I've only seen it once, so I can hardly judge, but it was a fun time in any case.

No spaceships or Hee-Haw numbers, but there was one notable event: about thirty seconds after they started up again after intermission (Act 3, scene 4), a large and noisy fireworks display began across the river; a few seconds later they blinked the houselights and the actors smiled and left the stage area, and Belarius (being especially loud-voiced) strode out and said "We cannot compete with gunpowder; enjoy the show and we will resume when it is done" or other words to that effect, and we all flowed out over the lawn to the side of the grounds where there's an amazing view out over the river, and watched the fireworks (out of West Point, I think), which were very pretty and loud, if somewhat small at that distance, even oohing and aahing a bit, and then when the obvious finale was over we all flowed back, and the play resumed (with a loud round of applause for the first players to re-enter the stage).

And then one of the teenagers wanted to hang around for a bit afterward to see if he could talk to Imogen, who he'd had a class with once, and she came out after a long time and did in fact remember him, and was very nice, and they talked for awhile, and we said how much we'd enjoyed the show, and then we made our way, the last of the audience stragglers, back to the cars and drove home, and it was quite late.

And then when everyone else was in bed I foolishly went into SL (just for a minute, heh heh), and it turned out that Gypsy herself was running an event at Gypsy's, the club that I first felt at home in when I was a newborn, which hasn't happened much at all lately, so I had to go over there for an hour or two, and I got to sleep much too late.

But heck, it was Saturday after all. *8)

I've posted various things in the secret Dale Innis weblog (if anyone reading this would like to find it and is having a hard time, let me know and maybe I'll actually link to it); mostly pictures of random things, and one of my brief foray into Twinity, which seems so far like an attempt to redo Second Life from scratch, only with a geography that's at least nominally that of Earth, but why would anyone want to do that?

A couple of links for your perusal: an interesting story of some wayward Class Bs (big chunks of Internet address space) that seem to have been clandestinely taken over and sold to spammers for their evil purposes, and the Underhanded C contest, which employs underhanded skills in a more benign fashion.


Two elements are equivalent iff neither is less than the other


is not the same as identity

less than is the new greater than

Even after all this time and silence, I still have the best readers... *8)