log (2008/06/27 to 2008/07/03)


Thank you, George.

So many many things have continued to happen. I'll try to mention the significant mentionable ones, but will no doubt leave out something.

Dad and Muriel came up to visit and to attend the various ceremonies (and to see old friends from across the river and cetera), the little boy became a Middle School Graduate on Wednesday or so (too hot in the sun in the field behind the school, the person reading the names of the graduates getting wildly behind the line of children coming up to get their handshakes and pieces of paper saying that their certificates will be available week after next), we drove down to Kolstein's (using the fun little GPS unit named Jill to guide us) and traded in the little boy's rental bass and bought him an actual that-we-own bass (double bass, string bass, bass viol, not a bass guitar, although he has one of those too), we all went out for dinner together at The Diner, the little daughter became a High School Graduate (and for that matter an official Valedictorian, performing her speech wonderfully and also leading the procession of students and performing in the quintet backing up the singers an' all), we went to the neighborhood Graduation BBQ and ate things (including M's yummy cold peanut-butter noodles), I took the little daughter and the boyfriend to another Grad party and hung around for awhile to talk to the grownups (and I'm about to drive her and the boyfriend off to another one).

And that's all that springs to mind. Also a bit of World of Warcraft to relax in the interstices (my Blood Elf Mage is now level 22 or so, specializing in Ice Magic).

Oh, and a very nice wedding in SL last night that I nearly forgot to go to and that M very kindly went and picked up the little daughter and the boyfriend so that I could attend (I got there just in time for the vows and then the congratulations and the afterparty). The brides were a lovely faerie and a dream-demon; I wore some wings for the occasion. *8)

So all that important stuff and craziness is now over. Next week should be pretty quiet at work, since lots of people are taking the week off (since Friday's the Fourth of July). Maybe I'll get into the virtual worlds and/or write in my weblog more. Possibly including actual content! There are at least two recent Scotus decisions that I really want to read.

(Speaking of weblogs, I've now started one for my Second Life self. Just for the sake of Preserving the Mystery I won't link to it from here, but a few minutes in Google will find Dale Innis's weblog without much trouble I expect. I haven't been updating it much either, heh heh.)

And to close, my best wishes to all readers, and a pointer to Wally the Wordworm! *8)