Hard to imagine anything more self-indulgent than a NEWS page on a vanity domain, eh? This is actually news for also, that site not lending itself to its own news page. For my daily (or so) rants on subjects besides what has changed on this site lately, see the log. (Also, the Book Notes often get updated without any mention here.)
Wednesday, May 3, 2017
A mere eight or nine years later! After being out of service for oh probably a few years, bringing the sites back up on the storied, which is very cool.
Sunday, November 29, 2008
Added the 2009 NaNoWriMo novel to the WORDS page (like clockwork!).
Sunday, November 30, 2008
Added the 2007 2008 NaNoWriMo novels to the WORDS page (lol, one update every three years, eh?).
Sunday, November 27, 2005
Added the 2005 NaNoWriMo novel (yay, us!) to the WORDS page.
Sunday, September 25, 2005
Put up a list of links to various Sims Stories (stories and news and ramblings about my playings of Maxis's 'Sims' games). These are updated pretty frequently, so every single update won't get listed here (the page does have its own RSS feed for anyone interested.
Saturday, May 14, 2005
Added a link from WORDS to the 2004 NaNoWriMo novel; how could I have forgotten?
Thursday, May 12, 2005
Geekiness: Making PNGs with alpha-channel transparency in Photoshop. Because it took me awhile to figure out, and maybe I can save someone else the work. Also added a link from WORDS to Broken Koans.
Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Added one more broken koan that I'd forgotten about.
Sunday, April 9, 2005
Rough draft of the Broken Koans page, collecting various bits of quasi-Zen debris from the weblog and Usenet postings.
Monday, November 3, 2003
Added a pointer to the Books pages (hithertofore mentioned only in the log) to the WORDS page. The Books pages are backed up by a sophisticated Content Managment System (in the form of a like 700-line Perl script), and generated from templates that make it (comparatively) easy to add fancy stuff like CSS and valid XML and Creative Commons lisences and all like that there, and aren't I modern though?
Wednesday, February 26, 2003
Added a pointer to the second novel (from NaNoWriMo 2002) to the WORDS page; dunno why that took me so long. I really ought to have a separate page about the novels, with links to both the text and pdf forms (once I've gotten around to making a pdf of the second one).
Friday, October 25, 2002
Added the Metababy Gallery, with saved snapshots from the vibrant and/or fœtid chaos that is Metababy.
Tuesday, September 3, 2002
Thanks to Google Groups now having Usenet all the way back to like 1990 or 1492 or something, added the classic and long-lost "Hacks, Ties, and Videotape" posting to the alt.hacks page.
Wednesday, August 28, 2002
A tiny bit of work on the Problems of Consciousness pages, including some woolgathering on Determinism (see POC history page).
Tuesday, January 15, 2002
Added yet another nother page of pictures to the Digital Photographs section; snap snap! Also added links between the various digicam pages, to reduce annoyingly long clickpaths.
Saturday, January 5, 2002
Put all the postings from the old forum back up (read-only), because people keep finding them in websearches (for "funlove" and "elfbowl"), and I hate broken links.
Friday, December 21, 2001
We're back.
Thursday, December 20, 2001
Theogeny is now working again! And I sent the request for and NetSol says they've processed it, so may be back tomorrow. Woo woo!
Wednesday, December 19, 2001 is back! And I've sent in the request for theogeny; maybe it'll be back tomorrow. Saving the best for last... *8)
Tuesday, December 18, 2001
Some progress is being made toward moving to a new webhost. In the meantime, we've added yet another page of pictures to the Digital Photographs section, even though no one else can see them at the moment.
Thursday, November 29, 2001
Our original webhost vanishes without warning from the Internet.,, and go dark. The weblog sets up temporary housekeeping on a pitas page.
Saturday, October 20, 2001
Still another page of pictures in the Digital Photographs section. (I now have over 1,000,000,000 bytes of pictures on the hard disk!) Also, Pattan has been made a little smarter in the last few days.
Wednesday, October 10, 2001
Put a link to my Portfolio page in the Digital Photographs section. Self-indulgence Rulez OK!
Wednesday, October 3, 2001
Another page of pictures in the new Digital Photographs section. Snap, snap, snap!
Saturday, September 29, 2001
Added the Digital Photographs section to the PICTURES page, 'cause of I got a digital camera for my birthday, and I took some pictures with it!
Thursday, July 5, 2001
Fixed a few broken links in the Comics section of the LINKS page, and added a pointer to Bruno.
Saturday, March 25, 2001
Gave a Log entry of which I'm particularly fond its own page in WORDS: The Coder's Tale.
Saturday, February 24, 2001
A new Bryce image, "Snips and Snails", on the PICTURES page (see notes).
Thursday, February 1, 2001
Added the Vasty Houses bibliography to the WORDS page. A nascent list of books loosely related to that dream where you find a door in your house where there didn't used to be one...
Monday, December 18, 2000
Finally coded up the maze-generation algorithms that have been floating around in my head half-formed for aeons, embodied them in a Perl module, and added a Mazes page to the TOYS. (Someday I'll merge that into SLIGE, so as to generate mazes in which one can battle yucchy undead monsters.)
Monday, October 2, 2000
From one of the many pictures I took at the VB2000 conference (see today's Log entry), I made a new splashpage image for Theogeny. There are twenty now, so you may have to click a bit to get it In Place (click on the tiny underscore in the upper-left corner of the Theogeny splash page to reload just the image, not the whole page).
Saturday, September 23, 2000
A new Bryce image on the PICTURES page (see notes). I also redesigned all the pages in the 3D Gallery, but then decided I liked the old design better and put them all back. I'm so conservative...
Wednesday, August 30, 2000
Happy roughly-first anniversary of! I'm up north in that same house again, listening to the same waves lapping at the shore. The water's still cold, but we take our daily swim anyway; no enormous schools of fish yet. I'm also coding again, but this time it's a big CGI script for work rather than bells and whistles for the website. I'm still inordinately fond of the original design! But I do need to code something better for the FORUM page...
Friday, August 18, 2000
Added a new article ("Internet: Only Weeks to Live?") and a new banner ad (for Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics) to the portal at Theogeny,
Tuesday, August 8, 2000
Put up a copy of a classic posting of mine about Babelfish invariance, which had somehow been left out of the alt.hackers file.
Sunday, July 23, 2000
Registered the site with the search server, and made a log-style search page that's linked into various log pages. I should probably do a main-site style search page, too, and link that in somewhere appropriate; not sure where it'd best fit in the design, though.

You can now also buy merchandise if for some inexplicable reason you should want to. Isn't that amazingly silly? More importantly, you can go to and start up your own store with about five minutes work. Obvious in retrospect, but still somehow mind-blowing...

Thursday, July 20, 2000
A new Nomic game has started up, and a few small additions have been made to the Problems of Consciousness pages, including some notes on free will (see the change log for details).
Thursday, May 18, 2000
Scanned in some odd blobby shapes that I drew on paper, and put them into a Ballpoint Gallery off of the PICTURES page. Thanks to Janet for the scanner expertise!
Wednesday, April 26, 2000
Added a silly Windows98 trick to the TOYS page (down near the bottom).
Wednesday, April 19, 2000
A new picture (Flashlight) on the PICTURES page; the Bryce model for the object pictured is also available, via the Notes.
Friday, April 14, 2000
Yet another new picture (Athens, 1954) on the PICTURES page. Sheesh! Is this going to be a daily event?
Thursday, April 13, 2000
I told the little daughter about the pictures page, and she liked the idea of having her first Bryce image up there, too, so it's there! It's a great image, too (he said, completely unbiased).
Tuesday, April 11, 2000
Added a page of notes for the Bryce images to the PICTURES page. I'm so addicted to words, I even have to stick them on the backs of my images!
Monday, April 10, 2000
New PICTURES page, for the various Bryce images and stuff (now I can really start consuming disk space!). Also, the Log is now available as an XML/RSS feed; see the question about subscribing on the About the Log page.
Thursday, March 23, 2000
RATE HIKES INEFFECTIVE, FED TO DEPLOY GIANT ROBOT: perhaps not one of my best, but topical. Also a new banner ad.
Tuesday, March 14, 2000
Added some of the poetry that knocks around in my head to the WORDS page: Proper Lyrics.
Friday, March 10, 2000
Tiny additions, mostly bibliographic, to the Problems of Consciousness.
Wednesday, March 8, 2000
Finally finished (at least the first draft of) Anthony's journal over in the Forked Stick. (It's under the washbasin in the bathroom on the second floor of the Cup and Hen.)
Friday, March 3, 2000
Added "Player Versus Player" to the Comics section of the LINKS page.
Wednesday, March 1, 2000
Added "Live" to WordURL, and a new picture in the McNabb. Also I have a cold and sore throat; yucch!
Thursday, February 17, 2000
A few new memes in WordURL. I haven't been touching much on the site lately except the log. Obvious question: does daily Weblogging suck up energy from other things, or does it provide constant and useful lubrication?
Tuesday, February 1, 2000
Reconfiguration undone, so everything should be fine again; continue to let me know if anything's broken, of course.
Monday, January 31, 2000
Due to some reconfiguration on the host, many/most of the CGI scripts on and are broken. We hope to have this cleared up soon! In the meantime, go read a good book or something. You're spending too much time Web-surfing anyway.
Saturday, January 29, 2000
After some talk in the log, started up a little Nomic game here on the site. The only place I've thought of to link it so far is the Projects section of the Links page...
Tuesday, January 25, 2000
Added a link to my Amazon page (with my various Amazon book reviews) to WORDS (right after the link to the old book reviews over on AOL).
Thursday, January 20, 2000
Did considerable neatening up in the Problems of Consciousness pages, and put a link on the WORDS page. Haven't mentioned it in the Log yet; prolly soon.
Wednesday, January 19, 2000
Added a set of COMICS links to the LINKS page, mostly to make it easier to remember them myself! But you can read them, too...
Friday, January 14, 2000
What would happen if we had tons of money, and hired an ad agency to get people to stop buying so much stuff? I have no idea, but I've started something for the WORDS page anyway.
Thursday, January 13, 2000
Another toy, based on a magnetic gizmo called "Kwilt" (or something) that I got as a present years ago (and have probably since lost). This and the two previous ones form the framework for a space of similar toys; I've identified eight points in the space so far, so I have at least five more toys to implement! Sometime...
Monday, January 10, 2000
Did a two-color version of yesterday's toy, and linked the two together. The n-color problem is much harder!
Sunday, January 9, 2000
New meditation toy on the TOYS page for your enjoyment. It's the JavaScript embodiment of a Tic-Tac box full of scraps of graph paper that I made as a wee lad. (I colored one image from it, and hung it in the McNabb.)
Friday, January 7, 2000
Added this Agora Nomic link to the LINKS page, when a note from a former fellow player reminded me of this old interest of mine. Also changed several occurrences of "diety" to "deity" on Theogeny, when a note from a kind reader pointed them out (how embarassing!).
Thursday, January 6, 2000

Added two things to WORDS: a collection of my postings to alt.hackers, and the Thrilling Tale of my first experience on eBay (with notes on bidding strategies). Both of interest primarily to me, and of course to scholars working on their biographies of me.

Thursday, December 30, 1999
Added links from the TOYS page to the PATTAN page. Pattan itself is still pretty bad! Or at least primitive. I need to add more smarts to it, but so far the time and inspiration haven't coincided. Vacations are always much shorter when viewed from within!

Added the suffix "Now" to WordURL ("").

Saturday, December 11, 1999
Gave pattan (the algorithmic composer) its own page. Right now it's only linked from here and from the log; I'll probably give it a link from the TOYS page in a few days.
Tuesday, December 7, 1999
"", which used to be a very amusing redirect to, has sold out, and now points to, well, about what you'd expect. So I've taken it off the portal at Theogeny, and put up the rather diverting instead.
Sunday, November 28, 1999
New top story on the portal at Theogeny; straightened up the About the Log page, messed with the colors, added a decorative picture and a few more references.
Saturday, November 20, 1999
Since the log is the most often-updated thing on the site, I've given it its own button on the menu-bar over there (and to avoid button-bloat I moved the content of the old static PROJECTS page onto the LINKS page). I also swapped the order of TOYS and WORDS in the menu, to improve the feng shui.
Thursday, November 18, 1999
Finally added glog to the TOYS page! Dunno what took me so long. I still haven't added pruning or archiving, but I suspect if I waited for that it might be a long wait. *8)

I've also been adding random small things, new sayings on the splash page, and of course new log entries, but I don't always mention stuff like that.

Tuesday, November 16, 1999
On the LINKS page, got rid of Salon (because it's boring), and added Philip Greenspun (because he's fascinating). Is it a genuine trend on the Web, that magazine sites are dull, and interesting sites are personal?

Oh, and AOL seems to have fixed the "" hostname again, even though the reply I got back from their Webmaster when I complained was utterly clueless.

Monday, November 8, 1999
Clever old AOL seems to have killed off the "" hostname that I've always used for all my AOL URL's, sigh. So I've been going around changing them all to "". I think I've gotten everything on and, but if you find any links of mine that don't work, let me know!
Friday, November 5, 1999
Put up a couple of family pictures in the Theogeny splash page picture-pool. One of them is me on my 40th birthday; the other is a mysterious woman on that famous vacation in Maine.

Yet another new WebLib ("Number Six"); the source of inspiration will be obvious once you read it.

A whole new toy is coming along; it can be previewed for the time being here and here; it should be on the toys page officially pretty soon. Knock wood!

Tuesday, November 2, 1999
Election Day! And November already, my my. Added Robot Wisdom to the list of Weblogs on the About the Log page, because I have to admit I go there pretty often, firehose-like although it is.
Tuesday, October 26, 1999
When I saw this picture on the site, I knew I couldn't resist; so Theogeny has yet another new picture in the set it chooses its splash-page from. (Also of course more log.)
Sunday, October 23, 1999
Bought some design books at Barnes and Noble, and messed around with the page design in the log area. Whaddya think?

New Top Story on the portal on Theogeny; we'll see how funny it is in a couple of months! Also a new hacked-together image for Theogeny's splash-page collection.

Friday, October 22, 1999
Having over a week's worth of log now, I split off the first week into the archives. The current structure makes it pretty easy to read backwards (most recent to oldest), somewhat more awkward to read the other way. Have to think about that.
Thursday, October 21, 1999
Put links to a few Weblogs / journals / whatevers that I (may) follow onto the About the Log page.

Random interesting things still show up in the Referer log for WordURL; another Japanese site, and various bookmark lists, both personal and public. It's endemic! *8)

Tuesday, October 19, 1999
A few new links and things on the portal (no new big stories; still awaiting inspiration), some little twiddles to Jaiku, and a new WebLib! ("Number Five")
Saturday, October 16, 1999
Taught Jaiku a few more words and phrases, and to put colors last in a compound adjective. Wrote in the log (which will no longer count as news after today!).

Added a new story to Words: They.

Friday, October 15, 1999
Well, OK. Quite predictably, I suppose, I have succame to the temptation of having a more voluble and self-indulgent log than this simple news page; see the log itself for more.

Besides adding the pages and links for the log, added "this page last updated" tags to the bottoms of many pages, added a UUA link to the links page, and otherwise twiddled about here and there. Oh, and if you were having trouble getting to or or over the last couple of days, there was apparently some problem with something upstream of onepine; but all seems normal now.

Thursday, October 14, 1999, early
My gawd! If part of the attraction of the Web Journal idea was that not many people were doing it, it's now considerably less attractive. There must be 4.7 gazillion Web Journals out there; even the list of Web-Journal Webrings takes up more than one screen. lists over 1800 Web diaries. Yow! Not surprising in retrospect, of course (name two things that are surprising even in retrospect).

This fecundity (superfluity?) even has its own jargon: a "burb" is apparently a list of some (tiny) subset of the existing/known diaries/jounals, gathered together by some common theme or property. It's easy to find burbs listing diarists in a particular region, of a certain age-group, diarists who love cats, diarists who are obsessed with certain body-parts. Isn't nature wonderful!

Wednesday, October 13, 1999
WordURL suggestion for the day: I've been adding little things here and there to Theogeny; a couple new pretty images at the root, a few new links in the Portal. Nothing enormous. One new link in the Forked Stick. Right near the beginning! *8) The diarist mentioned WordURL again yesterday, and we got a few more hits from there.

What would my paragraph for today say, to avoid the eagles? That I have fingers, that I have ears, that my heart longs for vast stretches of quiet and small waves on still water? That this page feels sort of cramped? All those big fat buttons...

Tuesday, October 12, 1999
Continued interest in weblogs and web diaries (I suppose this very news page is threatening to become one), partly because I keep finding them in WordURL.cgi's referer log. The latest is, which is notable for having a link to WordURL on its September 1999 page, for being a site that WordURL is probably able to generate itself, for being a pretty intelligent Web diary, and for having no indication of the name or other mundane facts about the person writing...

Some more splash pages on Theogeny, just because I can't resist. Up to eleven now, I think!

Sunday, October 10, 1999
New toy on the toys page: a Java program that generates random Haiku ("Jaiku"). See the relevant paragraph on the toys page for history and motivation. Kinda fun! "Trees must awaken / These young eager rivers wait / Girls run and glow"
Saturday, October 9, 1999
Saw a TV ad last night, just images of wholesome people enjoying their vanilla prosperity with large white teeth and diverse skin-colors, with the domain "" in a box in the lower right corner. No idea what actually does, but that's the point; or beside the point.

I was inspired by this to do a new set of splash screens for Theogeny; just for page-design practice really. Thanks to Media Graphics 10,000 Graphics Pack for the photos. Whaddya think? Interesting? I may or may not keep it.

Friday, October 8, 1999
I have a cold. Fleh! On the other hand, I got some free publicity for Theogeny, by including the portal URL in a copy of the "missing JarJar" joke-story that I sent to rec.humor.funny and that actually got posted today. More fame?

So I straightened up and added yet some more new stuff on the portal, to prepare for this possible flood of visitors. Not sure how much I like the new lead story; it may need some work. Also enhanced WordURL.cgi to offer check-links to both NSI and the (NSI-maintained) multi-registrar whois service, just for completeness.

Thursday, October 7, 1999
A new piece of Art in the McNabb on Theogeny (it's at the end, if you go foward). The usual deep comment on the human condition. *8)

I really want to find the requisite couple of free hours to do some more exploring of the Forked Stick, but somehow they never come. It's not actually the writing that requires all that time; it's the Getting in the Mood...

WordURL sighting for today: Justin Fletcher, a feller I know from the Slige world, is apparently working hard to keep his liver away from the eagles, and he's put a link to the script in his diary for 6 Oct 1999. I saw it in the referer log, so now you can go read his diary, and he can see this page in his referer log. Just to keep the cycles going! (Today's WordURL suggestion:

Wednesday, October 6, 1999
Some new material in the diety section of, and a new random ad on the Portal.

Autumn is coming in. I love autumn. Margaret accuses me of saying I love whatever season it is, in every season, but I really do love autumn. The coolness, the thought of making pies, lighting fires, a dozen things that I'll actually do and a hundred things that I've never done and may not ever do, false nostalgia for some ideal Autumn Country of good smells and only the softest change. Have an apple.

Friday, October 1, 1999
While on the airplane on the way to VB99 (the 1999 Virus Bulletin International Conference) and sitting around in hotel corridors waiting for things during it, I finally coded up the random-dot stereogram stuff (I wrote it years ago in REXX, but here it is in Perl, as a nice little module).
Sunday, September 26, 1999
A new version of SLIGE just went out, for any Doom fans out there. I know, this particular toy doesn't seem to fit my peace-loving and karmically-correct personality. *8)

A few more pages in the Forked Stick, including some rooms upstairs at the Cup and Hen.

WordURL sightings for today: a message-board on NetPond (gathering place of domain-name collectors), folks looking through the referer logs on and, and an odd line in my Referer log citing (a pro-Microsoft geek-news site), although I can't find any pointer to this site on that site today. Interesting factoid: In the period when I've been keeping track (i.e. after the initial SlashDotting had calmed down), hits on WordURL from Yahoo-related links now outnumber those from Slashdot-related links, even if you don't count the individual who did a Yahoo search on "random url", and liked my script so much that he hit it 841 times. (Ouch!)

Worked a bit on the algorithmic composer over the weekend, and it now knows a little about dissonance (see link below, but please don't hit it more than once every couple of minutes!).

Friday, September 24, 1999
More sightings: WordURL.cgi was run by people reading the New Observer page, and by at least four people who own domains that WordURL pointed somebody at, saw it listed in their referer logs, and came over to see why it was pointing to them. How circular!

It has just, by the way, struck me how utterly appropriate it was that my little cgi toy was named "Grouse! Site of the Day" on Wednesday, my birthday. Thanks, Universe!

Thursday, September 23, 1999
Well, the fame of WordURL.cgi continues; I added a little code to record the "Referer:" records from hits against the script, and it turns out that there're now links to it all over the Web, including the front page of, the "Grouse! Site of the Day", a meta thereof at, the front page of (which seems to be some sort of Tech portal site in Japanese), and juiciest of all a link to it in Yahoo! (In the "...Searching the Web > Indices to Web Documents > Random Links" section.) I oughtta start selling ad-space, eh? *8).

More random updates to the portal at Theogeny, just 'cause it's easy; now I see why "joke news" sites are so common...

Wednesday, September 22, 1999
Happy Birthday to me! I am now officially eligible for my own Mid-life Crisis, which is a great relief all around.

Put up an initial (very bad) draft of an algorithmic composer, but am reluctant to mention it on the Toys page, or anywhere else! Nobody reading this tell SlashDot about it this month, OK?

Also a new "Tech Beat" story and a pointer to on the portal at Theogeny, just for fun.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999, early
SlashDot spillover: a friend noticed a pointer to WordURL.cgi on the news-pointer site. Probably they saw it on SlashDot, or someone who saw it there sent it to them. In any case, the original SlashDot article and whatever other repostings it caused are maintaining the hit-rate on that CGI at two or three per minute, even now that the initial fury has calmed down. Amazing!

I'll have to analyze the rest of the data and see how much (if any) all this has increased traffic to the rest of the site. Man, it would be easy to fall into the trap of actually caring about this stuff!

Monday, September 20, 1999
SlashDotted!! CmdrTaco posted a short note to the popular (if slow-loading) geek site, containing the URL of the WordURL toy from the toys page. This caused an amazing flurry of hits on that page: see figure 1. OnePine turned the page off for awhile, to reduce the load on their server (no one likes loading dict/words more than about once a second), but it seems to be back now. Sheesh!

I will try to think of something more profound to say later; in any case here is the Article of Doom itself, including a bunch of comments at about the "usual SlashDot comment" level of quality...

Friday, September 17, 1999
Silly rainy-day project: added "Web Libs" to the toys page. Written any good Mad Lib(tm) like things that you're willing to give away? Send 'em in and I'll add them (modulo personal taste, of course). Also a pointer to the (um) impressive on the portal at Theogeny.

Hurricane Floyd gave us lots of wind and rain and a little water in the basement, but we were very lucky. I stayed home yesterday because one of the cars was in the shop and we thought the kids might have to be fetched from school early, and not only did I get more work done than I would have in the office, and avoid driving through the floods, I also finished up Web Libs. And how it's an utterly gorgeous clear cool day, smelling of autumn. My favorite!

I think everyone in the world should be forced to write a paragraph a day of thoughts, events, rants, or whatever, and to put it up on the Web for everyone to read. Of course that would imply universal literacy and computer access, but that's OK! Anyone who refused to post their daily paragraph could like have their livers eaten by eagles or something.

Saturday, September 11, 1999
Various weekend progress: a new Top Story on the Theogeny portal, a random-URL generator on the Toys page, and some new branches of the Forked Stick (see Gail's friend Taffy, and take a the ship a little ways downriver, for instance).
Friday, September 10, 1999 is live! I particularly like the portal, although it doesn't look much like what I first imagined. I haven't put up a forum-board there yet (have to to real work sometime), but that's OK. Imperfection is good (tm).
Thursday, September 9, 1999, early
Happy 99/9/9! Are we having TEOTWAWKI yet?

Added a pointer to the Dworkin-device typewriter to the Toys page. is pretty much all up and running. I still want to do the Portal and the Forum page before bringing Theogeny live (although it's currently possible to sneak into the Vortex via the Dworkin Device). Also added a pointer to Dad's new page to Links.

Wednesday, September 8, 1999
OK, got CGI stuff working on the host (see this toy for a sneak preview), and adopted and slightly munged the WWWBoard software for the Forum page here (and on, and started to actually upload stuff to the real live host. What a trip...
Friday, September 3, 1999
Lots of progress on, and is mostly stable also.

This morning when Maymay and I went down to the dock to test the water, there was an enormous school of tiny fish (sardine fish), occupying our miniature cove at the side of the bay, between our dock and the rocks that appear, seaweed covered, at low tide. I've never seen so many fish; there were certainly a hundred thousand, and I would believe a million. From a distance, it looked like the cove bottom had become covered with sand, or like something strange and cloudy was filling the water. We watched them for a long time, schooling around like a giant single amoeba, a big three-D vector field, sending out scouting parties, shrinking away from noises. Eventually the school split in two, and the smaller half swam south down the shore toward the next dock down, and vanished.

I remarked that it should be possible to write a simulation of a mass of fish, and try to figure out what sorts of rules in each fish would cause all that group behavior. Maymay called my bluff, of course, and now we have and and, and she's drawn some little 20x20 icons of normal fish and brave fish and airplanes and like that, and we have a that produces a crude GIF of where the randomly-placed fish are. Lots of work remains of course, including Fish::behave(), and something better than GD-produced GIFs for output...

Wednesday, September 1, 1999
Working on and over the last couple of days. Added The House to the Words page, and went swimming off the dock with Maymay again at high tide. The water was much warmer today, for no apparent reason, which is to say that it was just cold, not like being bathed in ice.
Sunday, August 29, 1999, very late
Fiddling obsessively with the nascent website. Added more methods to the Buttoner, and did a primitive simulation of server-side includes; then used the setTextColor and setPressed methods of the Buttoner, along with the obvious JavaScript, to make the navigation buttons in the site active (they light up when the mouse touches them, and push in when you click on them). This is silly glitz in some sense; on the other hand all the GIFs involved are less than 500 bytes long, so I think the Enhanced User Experience justifies the expense. Besides, it was fun!

Maybe I'll write up the Buttoner for alt.hackers. Or even CPAN! I get grandiose late at night. The slopping and slapping of the waves on the shore down below the house is immensely soothing. What is it about sitting by an open window, by water, with a cool breeze blowing, that so directly causes the pleasure centers to fire? What is my heredity recommending, here?

Sunday, August 29, 1999, later on
Wrote some content for the ABOUT and NEWS pages. I'm sure I'll get to the Real Content soon.
Sunday, August 29, 1999, morning
Wrote the Buttoner module this morning, sitting around on the porch of the rental house, looking out over Linekin Bay. I can't decide whether it's absurd or entirely perfect to be working on code while on vacation in this amazing environment. After everyone was awake, went swimming off the deep-water boat dock with Maymay. It was cold.

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