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Apologies, Treasured Readers! I hope everyone's like using an RSS reader, and therefore hasn't been coming here daily only to find that nothing new has appeared in this part of the Universe of Content. (How are things in Glocca Morra?)

And here we must interrupt for a Funny Web Story: when I was writing that last paragraph I realized I didn't know how to spell "Glocca Morra", so I Googled on "sad and dreamy there", that being the line from that song that I remember the best, and the very first hit was an old weblog entry where I used exactly the same song to decorate exactly the same apology and the same hope.

Couldn't make this stuff up (or if we did we wouldn't believe it).

But anyway, basically things have suddenly become incredibly busy at work (which is nice in a way, since I've actually been working with more code than PowerPoint, and I far prefer code to PowerPoint), and (but) therefore have no time for weblogging (or much of anything else).

(By a complete coincidence, the busyness began immediately after my induction into the Quarter Century Club. And yes I started with IBM pretty young, but yes also I am an Old Person, it's true.)

So do keep the cards and letters and good thoughts coming, and I will think back at you, even if I don't have time to write.

(Here's a tiny bit of content that I generated before the busyness began, although I have to warn you it's about the Sims.)

People don't clap ("applaud") enough.

We went (last weekend it was, in fact, Before Tornado, but I forgot to write down things about it until now) to see A Midsummer Night's Dream, as done by the very wonderful Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.

It was a Very Good Time: picnic dinner on blankets on the lovely green Boscobel lawn with an amazing view of the river, and then the show itself in the big half-outdoors tent with us in the stands and the actors acting around under the tent and even out into the grass and the dusk. (And my seat being placed where with a little head-turning I could look down over the back of the stands into the backstage sort of area, and watch with fascination the actors just before going on, and just after coming off, which was cool.)

Notable aspects of the production included (but were not limited to) all the Athenians being dressed like characters from a 50's Flash Gordon movie, Hippolyta as black-capped (and caped) grunting vaguely Germanic dominatrix (well...), and the brilliant wild sexy eeriness of the fairies.

At the very end after the final dance number all the actors came out and bowed and stuff, and we all clapped, and then virtually everyone stopped clapping even though the actors were barely off the stage, and me and a few other people kept clapping, and Oberon looked up at me as he walked by the edge of the stands where I was sitting on his way offstage and said "Thank you", which I thought was very neat.

But really, I mean! These people were out there acting their hearts out most splendidly for I don't know how long, being all fantasy and light and costumes properly scruffed by the dirt, and love and hate and humor, and acrobatic fight scenes and kisses and mistaken identity and magic, and the most the audience can do is clap for like thirty seconds and then get up and go home? Sheesh! What's up with that?

Whatever happened to curtain calls?

But anyway, infinite thanks to all those fine actors (and in a future life I wanna be one o' them fairies).

Deception Pass, Episode 22-1 is out. I'm currently in Part 23 of like 27 (yeah, that's part 23 of Part 1 of Episode 22; it's complicated). If you haven't been reading it before you probably want to start at Episode 1.

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And from a reader:

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which is indeed a keeper. ("world-swallowing, wool-drying, winter-fattened willow apple, winter heliotrope" is good too.)

And from another greatly-appreciated reader, something Right Up Our Alley, serendipity-wise: other people's memories (found home movies from decades past).