log (2007/08/03 to 2007/08/09)

Woot! Here I am, writing in my weblog again!

Endless repeating decimals are eliminated as a result of being able to compute a whole value for anything.

All sorts of stuff has occurred, is occurring, is likely to occur. (The past, as I think I've mentioned, is roughly just as uncertain as the future, we just don't think about the fact much 'cause after all it's the past and its tigers have already passed us by, or not.)

Last somethingday the little daughter and I went into the City to look at Columbia University; it was 'way fun. I remember from years past being nervous and tense in the City, with all those too many people and all that too much dirt and squalor and despair and all, and people had told me that Columbia was in a bad neighborhood and all. But in fact it was great. The trains and subways were cleanish and on time, most of the particularly unusual people that we saw were unusual in more or less happy-seeming ways, and Morningside Heights (the neighborhood that Columbia is in) was airy and bright and heathily active.

I think the little daughter really liked Columbia and its cityness. Which is kind of funny since most of the other schools that she wants to visit are considerably less urban (off to Middlebury tomorrow!).

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Those are spam subject lines, in the order received. We also got the very memorable "college-educated tornado", which seems to come from a different generation algorithm.

Been spending lots of time in Second Life. Also in WoW, but SL is more interesting. Some weblogpaths: from Gwyneth on something or other to a piece about SL by a gamer-type:

Because as a social MMO, once you get past all the clutter and dross, SL actually works. I can honestly say that nowhere else online have I argued about Islamic fundamentalism at one in the morning while lounging in a pool with a half-naked demon-thing.

Also a weblog about sex in SL, which has both a naughty and a non-naughty form.

And speaking of sex in SL, I was for some reason boggled to find that the most popular line of (extremely silly) sex-related gear in SL, "Xcite", has a very professional-looking website on the ol' RL Web.

How very strange and yet completely unsurprising in retrospect.

(An' for that matter Sex Toy IP Scandal Rocks Second Life (lol counterfeit sexgen beds).)

And then randomly, a few shallow dips into the fascinating world of SL feudin' an' fussin' an' metaness.

Back in the Real World, we went with friends to a peformance of "As You Like It". That same company that did "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as a Flash Gordon movie last year, did this here other comedy as a cowboy movie (complete with guitar player singing "The Streets of Laredo", and that ol' Hee Haw classic Where Oh Where Are You Tonight). Which, as it turns out, is pretty much a perfect fit for the story, with the Forest of Arden / badlands, the wrestler / gunslinger crony, the pretty girl dressed up as a pretty young man (flannel shirt an' jeans), the melancholic / crotchety old cowboy (woman), etc, etc.

We had a great time.