log (2009/11/13 to 2009/11/19)

Welcome to a special Friday the Thirteen edition of the weblog, in which I mention that yesterday was Friday the Thirteenth.

That's that done, then.

It's just after noon, and I'm sitting in the Fire House Deli in Ancram, New York. The Fire House Deli comprises at least half of the bustling commercial district of Ancram, New York, which also features a blinking traffic signal at the Y junction, and a General Store across the street which is apparently for sale. The deli has very nice fresh egg sandwiches for breakfast; I will soon find out how good their lunch sandwiches are, unless I am suddenly seized with a burst of energy and go find some other place for lunch.

I am here because the little boy is over playing paintball at the local paintball place, which is far enough from our house that we decided we didn't want him to be driven up here by the random unknown friend of a friend of a friend teenage boy that was driving all the older kids. And also far enough that I wasn't about to drive back home and then drive back up to get him.

So I have a fun adventure day in the boonies!

The area has no cellphone service, but the Fire House Deli does have free (if sporadic) WiFi, which is amusing and useful. It's also, as it turns out, a pretty good place for novel-writing.

And so Yes! I am writing a November Novel yet again! This will be the sixth, and (as I hinted the other day that I might) I am playing around with the medium (having paid my traditional-prose dues on the first five). It seems to be coming out as a sort of series of vaguely-connected free-form poems or something. And it's heavily based on repetition, which makes getting up the word count easy. *8)

But a couple of people who have looked at it (here it is!) have actually said flattering, or at least intrigued, things about it, and that makes me happy.

Its title is "Silence. Silence. Silence. Silence.", and here's the scorecard so far:

End of Day One: 0
End of Day Two: 2,160
End of Day Three: 3,003
End of Day Four: 4,472
End of Day Five: 10,277 (whee!)
End of Day Six: 11,068
End of Day Seven: 12,010
End of Day Eight: 13,018
End of Day Nine: 13,018 (tsk)
End of Day Ten: 15,002
End of Day Eleven: 21,301 (whee again!)
End of Day Twelve: 21,301 (mm, laruels)
End of Day Thirteen: 25,001 (roughly?)
Currently: 28,031 (zoom!)
Today's goal: Whatever *8)

So I've been taking it pretty easy, obviously, doing 'way less than the required average wordcount most days, and making it up with bursts or writing (or copy and pasting heh heh) on others.

But I'm well on track to have 50,000 by the end of the month, and in some sense that's all that matters.

The Deli wireless seems to be out at the moment, so I will put this aside to post sometime later. It's cloudy and slightly foggy outside, not quite raining. I expect the little boy is out there somewhere wet and muddy, and having a wonderful time. All of which is just about as it should be.