log (2009/11/20 to 2009/11/26)

So let's see, on the obvious subject, and posting figures only for those days on which I actually wrote stuff, it looks roughly thus:

End of Day Fourteen: 29,903
End of Day Nineteen: 32,296
End of Day Twenty-two: 36,800
End of Day Twenty-three: 40,016
Currently: 40,016
Today's Goal: Hm, I dunno! *8)

It's certainly been easier, in various senses, than the last (what?) six; on the other hand it's not entirely trivial, I'm enjoying it alot, and doing it has interesting-feeling effects on my brain.

Just one day of work before the four-day Thanksgiving Weekend, then a couple more weeks, then I'm on vacation for the whole rest of the year.

That will be nice!

Of course that assumes I actually get enough work done to be willing to take all that vacation. But since it's the end of the year, and lots of people are out on vacation, we're having fewer meetings, and my productivity is up wildly. So I think I am good.

So I've been very busy on the 'net as my NaNoWriMo self, and my WoW self, and natch my Second Life self (selves?). And very busy at work and at child-chauffering as my made-of-atoms self.

Cygwin and SSH and so on seem to be getting along better on the fancy new laptop here, so I may try the old Perl scripts I used to use to update the weblog here again sometime. But for tonight I think it will be explicit scp commands.

Autumn is coming, which I love. It's getting cooler, I've made pumpkin pie. Last weekend I went out and bought the various Thanksgiving food supplies for The Big Feast. The little daughter is expected home from college sometime soon, probably, at some point; that will be nice.

And there's some odd holiday going on in WoW, and last weekend was my third anniversary in SL! (My "third rezday", as we virtual cognoscenti say, with knowing grins.)

I thought the character of Marie, from a few of our recent weblog entries, might turn up in the novel this year, but so far she hasn't. Or at least she hasn't in any obvious way.

Of course it might be entirely all about her.

It's hard to say.

So what else has been going on? The Evil Forces of Clinical Depression (which I realize I've still not written about in much detail) seem pretty well at bay (touch wood), thanks to some combination of miracle drugs, life's placidity, and perhaps the re-balancing of whatever chemicals went out of balance in my head, or whatever that was. (This is a very good article.) M and kids are wonderful as always, we are more or less prospering as always. Words and wind and life and bread (and hot chocolate) are warm (or cold) and comforting, as always.

And now we are watching "Dirty Jobs" on the television!

Remember television?

(Turn in your unwanted gold and jewels for cats)

It is fun writing in my weblog! But I also have a skillion other things to do this evening. So just go an' watch this, and I'll come back and write things here again another day.