log (2008/10/31 to 2008/11/06)

End of Day One: 921 (owch!)
End of Day Two: 4043 (coming back strong)
Goal for Tonight: 6000

That's right, dear reader, it is once again November, and time for Novel Writing! Daughter-related program activities kept me from getting very far on Day One, but I resurged heroically on Day Two, and we're Right On Track (assuming we don't procrastinate by writing in weblogs or anything foolish like that).

Oh, and here's the thing itself. Just for the pathologically curious. *8)

I haven't reactivated the ol' account on Na No Wri Mo dot org, and posted the new title and excerpt and stuff. (Been too busy being Prominent SL Citizen an' determining the future course of the information technology industry to be going aroun' reactivating website accounts; maybe I'll do that tonight if I run out of other ways to procrastinate.) But here's an excerpt just for You!

What do five beings of four different species, different races, from four different worlds (assuming that the transcend was in fact from a world, and from a different world than any of the others) talk about, sitting under a bubble, looking out at the endless night, and a yellow star and a blue-white world gradually gradually approaching?

What, for what matter, do the inhabitants of a blue-white world around a yellow sun talk about, in their thousands or millions or billions, when they notice that a vast something, something mostly noticable as patterns of radio waves and the occulusion of stars, is approaching out of the night? Especially when nothing even vaguely similar has ever been noticed approaching before.

"We almost had it worked out, you know?"

"Worked out?"

"Worked out. Figured out. You know. We almost had the world working, had our shit together."

"We did?"

"We did! And then the aliens decide to show up."

"If they're aliens."

It occurs to me, now that it's too late to do anything about it, that I've cut myself off from the traditional "bring in aliens!" strategy for breaking NaNoWriMo blocks, by having aliens in from the get-go. I guess if I get stuck I'll just have to bring in more aliens! Maybe vampire aliens! Or alien vampires!

Oh, and non-long-time readers should see the NaNoWriMo foyer for links to all the previous novels, and of course see prior years' weblog entries for all the gory details of production and pain and eventual triumph.