log (2007/01/12 to 2007/01/18)

So this time it's been ten whole days! Bad me. *8)

(Have to write that script that lets me post to the weblog from inside Second Life.)

Let's do a certain amount of Reader Input From All Over. Remember reader input?

Yo -- that tall thing was the Washington Monument, not the Lincoln Memorial. (ahem)

Heh heh, oh yeah. I stand corrected. Never could keep those straight in my mind for some reason.

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It's good. No, wait. It's great! I am in love, most wonderfully and most unexpectedly and, damn the stereotypes, the world is a brighter place.

Yay, love! It brightens the world like nothing else. Try to fall in love several times a week!

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Haley Barry

Why Dale?

I'll take that as "Why 'Dale'?" (we may touch on "Why, Dale?" later on).

It was mostly a fortunate accident. Many/most people choose their Second Life names without thinking about it too hard, and those who get deeply into it with a funny name are then faced with the option of either spending a significant amount of time as WhatShouldIType Harris, or creating a new character with a better name and having to do all the rebuilding and change-of-address-like stuff that that entails. (I don't think there's any way to change a SL avatar's name and still be the same avatar, odd though that seems.)

"Dale" was the name I used for the slightly androgynous benign admin-god in a TinyMud that I put up once (and never finished enough to actually invite anyone else into because it was too much fun just playing with the code and the world all by myself). When I was signing up for SL on a whim back on Thanksgiving I wanted a nice unobtrusive name, and that's what sprang to mind (the other two main possibilities would have been "orbst" and "ceoln").


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History of the United States of America.

Not so good, apparently. Your one hour of sleep would appear to bely your claim that your SL addiction is declining.

That first one being reader input from me, pointing to a weblog about religion and Second Life which seems really inneresting (and has great pictures!), and that last one being a reply to last week's "Howzit?".

Yeah, well. *8) The addiction did subside for that one day, briefly. Two nights ago I got more than eight hours' sleep! Then night before last I got less than two! Last night was more like five or six, which is pretty typical lately; I dunno how I'm surviving! But I am; quite well, even. Soooooo many interesting people!

(I wrote a little object that sits on my land and looks around once a minute to see if I'm logged in, and displays statistics. Recently I've apparently been on SL about 30% of the time; yikes!)

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how to look at yahoo webcam without permission?

Despite all appearances, life really can be good.

I have to agree with that (both halves of it, even).

Complacency is the sweetest drug of all.

A smaller text box made the elfen maiden cry diamond tears.

"Imagination Play...now showing in theatres everywhere". She reached up and touched the skin of her own face, feeling its contours and realised that it didn't matter anymore. Now it was all about ones and zeroes.

"Imagination Play...now showing in theatres everywhere". She reached up and touched the skin of her own face, feeling its contours and realised that it didn't matter anymore. Now she was all about ones and zeroes.

Whatever happened to real skin, real tears, real love, real life?

Those from Ajax toy; all sortsa inneresting stuff! (Note the subtle difference between the third and fourth).

Don't worry, we still got real skin, real tears, real love, real life. We could probably natter on for hours about how "real" the life is, and especially how real the love is, in Second Life. But we're still busy gathering data. *8)

(The enormous enormous difference between SL and, say, The Sims, is that in SL there are real live (fascinating) people out there at all those other keyboards, behind the avatars...)

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Sleep is for the weak.

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Sleep is for the weak! But I hope tonight I'm strong enough to be weak. *8)

(oooh ooooh! Did I mention we interviewed SL arts celeb Sasun Steinbeck? Yay!!)

And back in real life for a moment, our Host Name o' the Week is symbols dot gov. My tax dollars at work! Remember: "Advertising builds character!"

V v v strange...