log (2007/01/05 to 2007/01/11)

No updates for a week again, tsk tsk! And in terms of what I've actually been doing, someone said to me in Second Life the other day "oh, yeah, a month is like a year"; which surely means that a week is at least like a month, so I haven't posted for a month.

And easily a month's worth of stuff has happened! Here's a picture of one little bit of the stuff:

Dale and Eleanor at the Capitol Build, National Security Dome

This is me and friend Eleanor at the National Security dome on the new Capitol build in Second Life. Eleanor being well connected got to go to the invite-only Grand Opening (featuring streaming video of some Congressional Ceremony [thrills] and an AV run by a real live congresscritter to answer questions after), and when the place was opened without fanfare to the public just afterward she invited me over.

We looked around at the six domes devoted to the Democrats' agenda items for their First Hundred Hours or whatever, and the nice big Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pool with swans and birds and stuff; a very impressive build! I randomly IMd a blue-skinned fellow who was flying around (because he belonged to the same group as a chair that I had noticed was broken on top of the Memorial), and we got into a long and fascinating discussion of the relationship between SL and democracy, and corporate-sponsored builds, and corporations and people, and all sorts of stuff like that (turns out he's the alt of a very prominent outspoken SL pundit and curmudgeon who's been on SL for a very long time, and it was very cool to talk to him).

Then later on I went back to the sim and ran into and had a long conversation with one of the people who actually did the build, and that was cool also. They hope it will become a place for people to hang out and talk politics, and they're planning to host events and suchlike. We'll see!

Such a wild place.

And a million other things happened as well, including my first experiences with the safezone combat system (over in Port Kar, one of the Gorean sims), making numerous new friends, and getting literally an hour's sleep last night. But I feel remarkably functional anyway.

(I'll try to be better tonight, really I will.)

(And maybe someday I'll talk about something different hee hee!)