log (2006/12/29 to 2007/01/04)

Happy 2007, everybody!

Had a fine time at a neighborhood New Year's party last night, watching the ball drop and eating entirely too much food and talking and stuff. Feeling very sleepy and hung over today (from food rather than booze), but hanging in there. Not being in Florida for any weddings or anything this year we made the traditional Chinese Dumplings; there were 140 or so this year, down from 160 two years ago and 180 the year before that. But we're all stuffed and have mickle leftovers anyway.

Since Second Life has folks from all over the world, there were parties and shouts of "Happy New Year" every hour on the hour inworld, well before we went off to our own RL party.

Friend S (who is in Europe) invited me over to watch him shoot off some SL fireworks before he went off to his RL festivities:

S and I watch his very nice fireworks

They were very nice!

S and I watch his very nice fireworks, part 2

(We appear to be floating in space in the second shot only because I'm playing with the camera view to get a good picture; although of course we could have been floating in space if we'd wanted to.)

Just after midnight local time I came back home briefly from the party for something, and while I was here I ducked quickly into Second Life to put up some fireworks of my own on my land:

A gaudy display

Not traditional fireworks: no shooting up and going off and smoking and booming and so on; just a couple of SL "particle systems" suspended in the air making patterns like this until dismissed. I dismissed them sometime this morning, so as not to disturb the neighbors longterm, hee hee. (I did get one IM from the neighbor who owns the house to the left there, wondering what was going on. He wasn't complaining, though, just wondering.)

From the input box on the Ajax toy page (quite likely entered while the toy was broken):

They had been working on the Viagra marketing message for days. "It's hopeless," said James. "Guys have to admit they can't get it up. They'll never do that." "How about this," said Trevor. "'Seek immediate medical help if you experience an erection lasting more than four hours.'" "But that can't happen." "They don't know that." "You're a genius."

Narf narf!

I've been terribly neglecting reader input and stuff (and the weblog in general for that matter) of late. Too much work, too much Second Life, too much laziness, not enough hours in the day...

Hope you're enjoying yourself anyway. *8)