log (2006/09/08 to 2006/09/14)

Like we said exactly a week ago, we don't mean to not say anything for a week at a time. We just get busy...

But anyway!

There's this poem we ("we") wrote a long, long time ago, and that came into our head yesterday. Turns out we posted part of it to the weblog here some time back (it was old even then). The full version (as best I remember it) is:

Let's spend the night with Misty,
let's move to Corpus Christy.
Let's meet with the Beatles,
let's stay in our lane.

(ooh ooh ooh)

[Here I line I can't remember]
I pace back and forth on the driver's seat.
Soon I will begin to distrust the dawn.

(ooh ooh ooh)

Well we spent the night with Misty,
we moved to Corpus Christy.
We ate with the Beatles,
we stayed in our lane.


The future looks so frightening,
the long black line, the dragon's wing,
The infinite horizon,
the smell of burning tires
in the morning
by the highway.
My mind is turning somersaults.

I don't believe
but I've received
the Poetaster's last reprieve

Ooh, ooh, ooh,
Ooh, ooh, ooh,
Vita bl
Ooh, ooh, ooh,
missin' you.

Wish I could remember that one line.

The way I remember it, I wrote that in some environment where I couldn't write it down, and I really liked it, and by the time I got to somewhere I could write it down I couldn't remember it exactly, and did the best I could. The one missing line is written down somewhere, but likely it's on paper, and who can find things that are on paper?

Wikipedia Page o' the Day (for no particular reason): Kuiper Belt.

Enigmatic Subculture o' the Day: Give Up Already dot com.

Spam in its entirety o' the day (email addresses omitted):

From: "Crump Genaro"
To: "Cruz Gene"

Hello, how are you? rromoiopqtoqlgmmlqlmlmlslimjmqhmloljlg

The real reason it's dangerous to use those tempting open WiFi connections.

Let's see, what else is lying around? I spent a couple of hours the other day being forcibly educated on the fact that in Java declaring an instance variable as, say

private String foo;

doesn't mean the same thing as

private String foo = null;

The reader is invited to investigate the difference emself if e doesn't already know it. Has to do with when superclass constructors run.

What have you found?

iris chacon photos

Um, what was it that happened to your interior landscape the other month?

Speaking after the honey and gun, she asked, "Why is it necessary?".

algae in my swimming pool


I found this wonderful, funny, delightful comment "I've been reading the latest issue of Buddhdarma magazine (which, ironically, I used to kill a fly last night.)"

the same old fears

Friends. Insight. The idea that every day is worth living. The realization that everything else is trivial. On balance, some pretty good stuff, albeit at quite a price.

Quite a set of findings, in all directions; thank you.

On that first question (after Iris), I'm still trying to figure it out; once the Blue-Ribbon Commission produces their report, there may be a press conference. *8)