log (2006/09/01 to 2006/09/07)

We don't mean to not say anything for a week at a time. We just get busy. Busier than we can remember ever having been (including that time back in college when we wrote "OVERLOAD CONDITION RAISED" all over our Things To Do list). And it's just work, too, not negotiating with alien intelligences or anything.

But hey.

Readers have noticed that the Ajax Toy was broken. It's actually still broken in some sense, but I've jiggered with things so that it works anyway. *8)

Various other little things on the site may be broken also; something having to do with the identity under which cgi scripts are running this week. I've written to the faithful Web Host Support People, and I'm sure it'll all be fixed soon.

So I'm just going to tell one little story tonight, and it's a rather silly little story, but I'm fond of it.

I remember this one time I was sitting in a friend's kitchen, and the friend's mother (who I had something of a crush on) was like making us sandwiches for lunch or something, and he and I were reading this Mad Magazine paperback out loud to each other and laughing. In one of the Ripup's Believe It Or Don't sections (or whatever they were called), there was a passing reference to a town called "Poontang, Nevada" (or some other state), and when one of us read that one to the other his mom laughed in sort of a disgusted way (sort of a "tsk"ing laugh), and we asked her why because we didn't know any special meaning for "poontang". And then she rather indirectly and discretely explained to us what "poontang" was slang for.

I was probably like ten or twelve or something at the time, but having a friend's mom who one has something of a crush on (she was a dancer, and I remember her as slim and graceful and pretty) discretely explain that in her kitchen was a lovely little thrill.

This was the same friend's house where I got my first bee-sting, from stepping on a bee. It hurt alot. I remember his mom putting some kind of white paste on the sting, maybe like baking soda and water. That was probably a lovely little thrill also, although what I mostly remember is that it hurt alot.

But after that I could say "oh, yeah, I've been stung by bees."