log (2006/09/15 to 2006/09/21)

Ha, it's not Thursday yet; a small triumph!

I suppose it's a sign of some sort of decadence when a weblog starts having every entry begin with a comment about how long it's been since the last one. But that's okay; we can do decadence. (Have some chocolate.)

We've been playing The Sims 2 (Nightlife) in our occasional sanity breaks, now and then. Lots of stuff has happened; just now I was playing Gabriel Raptor (grandson of Sally, son of her daughter Gina by the former college student Dawson Day) and his beloved Jen Danvers (of the twin daughters of Jane Danvers and Georgia Bendett Zoom Danvers), who have moved out of their dorm (because the lot had developed some glitch and moved very slowly) into a big but bare house on the edge of campus. But I haven't posted any pictures of that (those kind simple contained simulated lives).

In fact I've only posted like two Sims pictures at all lately, and those were spur-of-the-moment things to a bulletin board, not official stories. They'll have to do for now, though: Mayor Dawson Day (Gabriel's father is now running the city!), and Danielle's reaction to Suzette's pregnancy.

Along those lines, here's some spam with a closely related theme:

From: "Elephants"

Subject: Wendy Pregnant Governor:

(Another favorite spam subject line lately: "wakeful and adrienne". Maybe a good title for one's next novel.)

I won't talk too much about what wonderful fun it is to drive one's little daughter to a local empty weekend parking lot and sit in the passenger seat while she drives slowly around with increasing confidence and lots of laughter. Because that's, you know, a fine and private thing. *8)

And we've closed up the Big Tub of Water for the season.

For companies with massive advertising budgets and a pressing need to engage with an increasingly cynical audience, the Lonelygirl15 advertising model is irresistible.

In yet another sign that I'm Out Of Step With The Times, I have to admit (or boast) that I've watched virtually zero youtube videos (because they move so flipping slowly. I mean, gawd, talk about low bandwidth (in the semantic rather than the technical sense)). But the "deceptive viral marketing" thing is interesting. Vernor Vinge has predicted (or at least suggested) that being able to tell truth from lies on the net will become an increasingly important skill. So far that doesn't really seem to have happened; will fear of the negative impact of being found out keep people with money to invest from going the lying route? (I tend to think that amateur liars won't get good enough to become a significant force.)

Smashing! Hand! with Hammer!

So, back to Gabriel and Jen, or straight to bed? (Haven't been getting enough sleep lately.) Decisions, decisions!

(Maybe eventually I should get off of that cushion up in the loft in the grey house, too, and look around a bit. More reader input later, too.)