log (2007/04/27 to 2007/05/03)

Zen with C

Zen with C

Zen with C

Zen with C

Zen with C

Zen with C

Here I am all determined to post something two weeks in a row! Relentless and unstoppable!

Still feeling pretty good, for psychological and/or chemical reasons. Sometime long ago a kind reader wrote:

Sorry to hear you've been feeling blue. You've been missed

Awwww, thanks! One of the odd things about all this is that I don't know to what extent I was Feeling Blue in the usual sense. Was I in One South for a week because I had a rather severe case of the blues, the same thing that makes a million people a day feel melancholy walking through the park on the way home, or was it something more or less entirely different?

You'd think we'd know more about this stuff! Brains are so complicated. *8)

Continuing to do stuff in Second Life, having fun, not getting nearly enough sleep. Right now (in the "last time I logged out" sense), I'm a panda, standing in my Indolence build, which is the semi-sleazy dance club that I'm building (for the building practice, not because I want to get into the business of running a dance club!) up 300m above the little Japanese teahouse on Shengri La (an island named for a wonderful lady named Shen, not a typo).

No pictures of Indolence yet, but here's the logo:

Indolence logo

That's John White Alexander's "Repose", plus about ten minutes in Photoshop (with valuable advice from the little daughter, who is becoming quite a PS expert). There are two different-size posters of it on the walls in the build, and a little box that gives away black T-shirts with the logo. Just like it was a real club!

Another reader writes, many times, "hi nice site.". Other readers with perhaps larger vocabularies write:

i am ninja

Don who?

I think we should do to today's log what we should do to most logs: Cut it into thinner pieces, stack them so that they have some airflow, let them dry for a few years, and then turn them into beautiful furniture. The world needs more beautiful furniture, don't you think?

Must I?



Yay! As we say in SL.

(Some folks at work have commented that my IMing style on the work system has started to become full of SLisms; not surprising I suppose. Only once have I caught myself actually flirting slightly with a colleague, heh heh. Hey, it was late at night!)

Things continue to happen in the world; spring has come, it's been hot and cool, bright and dark. Good and terrible and bad things have been on the news, we've eaten bagels together on the big bed, we've slept and read and hugged.

How are you?