log (2007/04/20 to 2007/04/26)

Yes, well, so! *8)

Dear-Diary-wise, we had about half an inch of water in the basement (the entire basement) as a result of this enormous Nor'Easter. Rushed about finding pumps and hoses and things, spent a couple of nights getting up every few hours to tend them (we don't have anything sophisticated like a sump-pit down there). Then we (mostly M) spent a couple of days sorting through stuff and hauling ruined stuff out to the garage so it wouldn't smell up the house between now and the next bulk-trash pickup. Ewww!

Amazing how many bags full of stuff that we actually had no use at all for were down there in the basement. Of all the tons of stuff that got wet, the only actually valuable things were a few anicent pieces of paper from my childhood, and some not-quite-outdated tax forms that fell into the water for a second during the cleanup.

Also, the little boy's orchestra (well, one of the ones that he plays enormous heavy double-bass in) had a performance at Alice Tully Hall yesterday, which was extremely neat. The little daughter had to stay home (because she's in the pit band for a local theater group's production of "Pajama Game", sheesh what busy children), so M and I dropped him off at the bus gathering-place, drove down into the City (ooooo!), and had an hour or two to wander around in and near Lincoln Center before the performance, and it was a beautiful day so that was really really nice.

Serotonin levels or whatever it is seem to be under control, no irrational misery to speak of most of the time, perhaps due at least in part to expensive Effexor XR (serotonin and norepinephrin reuptake inhibitor), perhaps due at least in part to spending lots of time in flippin' Geek Heaven.

Speaking of flippin' Geek Heaven:

At Oyster Bay

That's me (in my new "geeque" T-shirt) and friend J (who is hovering just off the ground in flight mode) at the the Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden, with two of my (hem hem) artworks. The one on the left is just my parametric rezzer again; the one on the right is six prims that change color / texture / alpha / size / shape over time on instructions from an invisible coordinator (it's called "What's Next?"; clever, eh?).

I also interviewed another cool (and hawt) person for the VAA: VAA Interviews Kriss Lehmann. Read and enjoy.

(Oh, and when getting dressed to go out to the little boy's concert, it felt odd not to be putting on my usual shoulder-butterfly and flashing earring. And aviator sunglasses. And I didn't have to decide which gender to be!)

Don't forget to read Laboratorium; see for instance:

Nor has this whole futurist-slash-posthumanist speculative enterprise convinced me that these debates are generating any insights we couldn't get from a bunch of philosophy majors and a whole lot of marijuana.


Imagine the assassins, flying machines, robots, and decadents of cyberpunk, in a setting where the highly advanced technology consists of stone wheels and rope.

And so there we are! I'm off to work some more on my new danceclub. *8)