log (2007/03/23 to 2007/03/29)

Yet another week skipped over! This time I have a halfway decent excuse, which after a certain amount of mulling over I have decided to reveal to my devoted reader as being (as far as current medical science has so far determined) a 296.22 (which is also, significantly, the number of calories in certain portions of Squid (breaded, fried)).

Once I was feeling less awful it was actually a very interesting experience which I may tell you all about someday when I'm feeling especially revelatory; "Adventures in One South". For now I'll just say that I'm currently (touch wood) feeling much better. Thanks for asking. *8)

All this kept me from playing Second Life (among other things) for awhile, but now that I'm back here's the inevitable picture:

Dale and some more Art

That's me up on my sky platform this morning (note cool builder's grid on the floor), working on the utterly most recent version of my dynamic rezzer / plotter / art thing (first version pictured here). This latest version is the first one that knows about color; neat, eh?

(Oh, and I have an octagonal hole in my stomach because I was playing around with invisibility a little.)

What else to talk about? We all find it amusing, of course, that the Administration is willing to allow various parts of itself to testify before Congress "but only if they're allowed to lie". We also find it heartening that the big Conservative Jewish Seminary is going start allowing gay and lesbian applicants; in response the leading Reform Jewish Seminary is considering accepting only gay and lesbian applicants, just to stay ahead (ha ha joke!).

And I dunno. I've certainly learned (for some sense of "learned") all sorts of things about emotions, the relationship between the brain and the mind, and stuff like that, but it's currently far from assimilated. So far that I can't even write a superficial weblog entry about it yet! *8) That may come in time.


Hi. Welcome back.


... and the little hangy-ball-things in the backs of their mouths fell off. Thus smote mighty Unu.

I love you let me jump in your game!

Orange Sunshine

Thanks, you too! *8)