log (2007/03/09 to 2007/03/15)

Another week missed, as reflected by these two notes from one or more followers of Unu, which arrived about when you might expect over the last couple of weeks.

Unu is pleased

Unu is not pleased.

Yes, well. Where does the time go?

Significant parts of the time continue to go into Second Life. Here are two of the latest pictures.

First, another fun live-music event; bunch of us sitting around on the relaxation and yoga-meditation cushions at the Cafe at the Oyster Bay Gallery and Whatever, listening to improvised ambient guitar music from AldoManutio Abruzzo:

Yoga at the Aldo concert

(I'm the redhead second from the right in the front row, with her arms out to her sides.)

Second, Girl Dale again, relaxing on a raft on the island of Escape, with the tail of a constantly-jumping whale just vanishing into the water:

On the raft, with the whale's tail in the background

(And wearing some very nice black clothes that I actually bought for Boy Dale but hadn't gotten around to trying them on him yet, and as usual she looks better in them anyway lol.)

What else has been going on? I've been not all that happy sometimes, been very stressed sometimes, been taking work much too seriously sometimes. Sometimes having a hard time concentrating. It's not much fun. And it's very odd; it's ways that I haven't really been before, until the last several months to a year. Some kind of stupid chemical thing, probably, or creeping middle age, or who knows. Pheh, I say!

Keeps me from writing as regularly in the ol' weblog, too, what with one thing and another ("one thing and another"). But you know. We persevere; we persist!

Readers write wonderful things, as always, which I don't have the time and energy to post, but which do delight me. One that we're very fond of writes:

The Bicycle Pedaling Frog has noticed that someone has written something about a bicycle-peddling frog in the Ajax toy. The Bicycle Pedaling Frog is aware that bicycle-peddling frogs exist, but does not wish to be confused with them. The Bicycle Pedaling Frog will have you know that he bought his bicycle from a reputable bicycle store, not some shady streetside bicycle-peddling frog.

And in the Ajax Toy one finds indeed, for some period:

But not the lovely Amelia, nor the bicycle-peddling frog.

which is equally wonderful. Do be careful not to conflate the two frogs, dear readers!

Even scurrilous semi-animate objects do their bit to cheer us up. We will close with some spam anti-Bayes text that somehow caught my eye passing by in the stream. Love to you and yours; ring Barbie, hold Monica!

Progresive shadows, mendez razor tongue!
Ring barbie hold monica email bottom. Danceemile dmons danceene ena. Rveil fes cite ange dartifice acss ballet sirnes vais.
Houseblade public houseblank housebt flamming hiding houseda hool.
Cogido cosa castillo blanco quiero, hacerte tic izquierda.
Cdsmabel disco cdsmad cdsmagic! Soy, sadmpandys musics musicsalt pepper tonka?