log (2006/12/15 to 2006/12/21)

So I've been getting a little more sleep, but only a little...

Here I am skydancing above the very amazing island of Clanger's Inventions:

Clanger's Inventions

Here's Eleanor and me trying on a new dress; are we not elegant?

Eleanor and Dale in that purple gown

And here I am (so small you probably can't actually see me) taking a free building class:

In tacky-dance-floor class

(In all the above, click on image to go to the corresponding flickr page where there might be a fuller description.)

I've also been meeting people, working on frobs, flying around in V's rocketplane (late late late night before last, three of us girls went out nude rocketplaning and skydiving after the club shut down; best fun EVAR!!!), and doing lots and lots of exploring. I wrote a tiny piece about Clanger's Invention for the Virtual Arts Association newsletter (assuming the editor ever gets around to putting an issue together; we artistic types are so easily distracted, hee hee).

Right now I have the feeling that one reason SL is such a hoot is that the population is heavily weighted toward brights, creatives, artists, loonies, nerds, and neophiles in general (in my favorite danceclub, four of the dancers have PhD's, and at least two more are working on theirs). Hard to say if that'll keep up if/as more of the Masses flood in, but it's absolute fscking paradise at the moment...