log (2006/12/08 to 2006/12/14)

This morning: checked into SL before going to work, with the little daughter bustling around getting ready for school. Noticed that friend V was on, and said Hey (and teased her about being on so much). She offered me a teleport and I accepted. She and her friend C were sitting in a very cool four-seat rocket plane, and they offered me a ride. We tooled around the countryside a bit looking at stuff, until one very rude parcel ejected me and C into the air.

V offered me a TP back and I accepted and got back into my seat. C was tired of flying so we IMd bye to her. I said "Does this thing go high?", and V pulled back (figuratively) on the stick and we headed up. Way up at like z=3500 the ground looks like a blue postage stamp way down below (the SL horizon is square in most place, not round!). And there's nothing at all nearby. (V, an exotic dancer and general mentor who knows all sorts of stuff, says that you can't build even a skybox above z=768, so it's really empty up there.)

After a few minutes (V and I both quiet in chat, dealing with IMs from friends and group chat-channels I expect) the rocketplane suddenly derezzed (V thinks we hit a parcel that was full) and we were falling. We both turned on our flight assists and hovered there for a bit, and then V IMd me that she was skydiving, and passed me a chute.

We fell to 90m and deployed the chutes, and drifted down to the ground. We wandered about a bit in the (very nicely designed) hall by the pool that we landed in, and then sat in elegant chairs at a very nice marble-topped table and talked lazily and did IMs and read the profiles of the people who'd made the furniture.

Then it was time for work, so I got up and said bye and TPd out and logged off.

A nice way to spend the morning. *8)

Turns out it's possible to get by on like four hours' sleep a night for quite awhile if you have a brand-new universe to explore.

Who knew? *8)

Here I am resting from my explorations:

Dale resting

See flickr page for details; it's a very nice natural area that someone's put a huge amount of work into for no more reward that people enjoying it. That's one of the things I love about Second Life.

(Another of the things I love is people making big crass slapdash things intended solely to make money; variety is good!)

I made a few more Linden creating a very simple "empty / in use" indicator for a brothel dance club. And yeah, I've been hanging around some of the less respectable parts of the space; not only are they interesting (I haven't spent much time in that kind of place in RL), but there are some very nice and fascinating people in them.

I also went to a talk by rad IBMer d00d Irving Wladawsky-Berger (in this audience snap I'm in the front row, third from the right, in my Individual i T-shirt; no idea why it looks like I have a big elf-ear).

IBM's getting very very into Second Life in the immediate future. Pretty amazing! So am I, obviously, narf narf.

I want to work on the Magic Bracelet, I want to build a self-rezzing kinetic sculpture and a cool hoverdisc and a dwelling place, I want to take more classes, I want to try to hold another event (and hope no replicator happens during this one), I want to get hold of Lynn Innis and get the Innis family group set up, I want to organize my Inventory, I want to...

(Note to self: include wayup flight ability in the Magic Bracelet: gave Flight Assists to two newborns who'd somehow gotten themselves trapped in a well on a skybox and couldn't fly out because we were above z=250.)

But I also really need to get more than four hours' sleep once in awhile.... *8)

(Any of y'all readers on SL and willing to admit it? Let me know and I'll look you up. We can go building and/or shopping and/or clubbing and/or...)

Went to the groceries over the weekend, and went out and got a really enormous Christmas tree (not at Abel's this year, because they only have liddle trees, but at a place nearby), and listened to Xmas music with the family and had bagels on the big bed, but otherwise spent every waking moment (and for that matter most of the moments when I should have been asleep) in Second Life.

I've been making T-shirts and frobs, and working on my avatar(s). Here's the current state of the female one, showing off a T-shirt that longtime weblog readers may recognize (the word from, anyway; I decided to bow to convention and put an "e", rather than an "o", after the "yn"):

Teh hotness

Am I not Teh Hawtness?

Here's the (less hawt) male me, sitting on some plywood up in the way-up, wearing a "To use, just right-click and sit on me" T-shirt (which is sort of a Second Life in-joke):

To use, just right-click, and sit on me

Sadly, good male attire is way harder to find than good female attire in SL. (Also, girls are just prettier...)

And here's a prominent local artist (who has lots of really neat stuff, including a gallery, a meditation area with cushions and hookah just outside her synagogue, an ark, and a flannel barn):

Local artist, and shirt

Her "politically bisexual" T-shirt is another Dale Innis original. (You say my T-shirts are all about sex? Yeah, and...?)

I could tell all sorts of stories, but basically I've met and had long fascinating conversations with all sorts of people (while our avatars lounged on beach chairs, or danced a Hot Salsa together, or watched each other pole-dancing, or sat meditating), and I've made my first inworld sales: 1300 Linden for an interactive fairy and some club-logo T-shirts. W0000t!