log (2006/10/20 to 2006/10/26)

Lovely cool (bracing) sunny blustery autumn day, trees full of flame, air full of wind, all bundled up in layers on the way to the bagel store and back in the morning. A good day to stay under the covers all day, if that was the sort of thing one could do right now.

But a good day, really, regardless.

Wrote some code, struggled with the wonkiness of the development environment, went to the grocery, made the first Pumpkin Pie of the season according to the ancient recipe.

(Searched around for awhile for that old index card; turned out it was misfiled under "Misc Desserts" instead of "Pies and Cakes". I knew I could have just looked it up in the weblog, but somehow not finding that old stained piece of stiff paper would have been sad in a melancholy Autumnal sense. So I was glad to find it.)

Yesterday I even posted a Sims story (Mitch and Ally finally got married over at Casa Townie). And felt guilty for all the more important things I was therefore not doing with the time. But there have to be limits!

The little daughter points out HySpace, which will be hysterically funny to the I suspect tiny number of people in the Hyrule / MySpace intersection that can appreciate it. Of which the little daughter is definitely one, and I'm about 65%. Really amazingly well done. (Why don't I have that much spare time, moan, whine, complain?)

Doom: the board game! (What a silly idea.)

From a reader, I think: this. Which is pretty funny. Are we really going to start talking like there are only eight planets now? Seems so unlikely.

Here's a place you can get some podcasts from this guy who's like the new president of the Christian Coalition or something, who's noteworthy because he's causing lots of controversy by pointing out that Christianity is supposed to involve like loving each other and taking care of the poor and stewardship of the planet and everything, rather than just hating homosexuals and criminalizing abortion and stuff. This has, naturally, alienated large parts of the organization, who didn't sign up in order to get involved in all sorts of pinko love crap.

(I haven't actually listened to any of the podcasts, because that takes time, but there they are, and they might be interesting.)

Making the rounds: Warning signs from the future. (I think my favorite is Caution: macroscale quantum system, although they're all good.)

NSFW cultural commentary o' the day: Cubicle life, a HOWTO in pictures (link from Bryan O'Sullivan, origin otherwise unknown to me; but memorable).

Ian points out that: According to http://www.coinflation.com/ (who knows if they're telling the truth), the value of zinc is such that the metal in 1 cent is worth more than 1 cent.

And relatedly in some sense: Liberty Dollar Dot Org. Private coinage rules OK!

And yes I would really like to be the cool dampness a few inches below the top of a mound of leaves at the edge of a wood somewhere for a few millenia. But this other thing here has its moments too.