log (2006/10/13 to 2006/10/19)

Having achieved a good place, a place of happiness carefully tended and protected, a place where things work, one should be able to declare victory, raise one's hand and I don't know maybe shout "bingo!" or something, and be congratulated and have it all made permanent, without the necessity of keeping it running, or seeing it change (for good or ill), for years and years afterward.

Heck, anyone should be able to raise their hand and shout "bingo!" at any time, just for having been alive, for having made it out of the womb, for having had that pizza last night with the crust, finally, just perfect.

Who, as they say, dealt this mess?

I did, I know, but really...

In the intervals, I wrote some notes on The Gutenberg Elegies (long, if maybe not as long as it deserves) and RAH's Between Planets (shorter). I also (finally!) finished all those "Chanur" novels. They were long and unremitting.

I've been playing The Sims, too (The Sims 2!), and taking lots of pictures, but not posting any anywhere. Too much time/effort (hard to justify hours composing Sims stories as necessary sanity breaks). Jan Danvers went through college in the same little dorm that Castor Nova did, fell in love with Chloe Gonzaga, and they're now both living in Rooms to Let (both being nerdy Knowledge sims). Sally Raptor moved in Ericka the gardener (another red-haired Romance sim), and they're happily seducing the neighborhood as usual. Justin Danvers and Olivia Langerak graduated and moved in with Justin's moms and got married and are thinking of moving out to a place of their own. And so on. No one's turned into a vampire yet, or died, or anything untoward like that.

Over in the Ajax toy, the goodness continues rolling in. At the moment:

It was her best saree, though not a new saree; it had belonged to her mother. But the colour was still vibrant and the silk rustled as she walked and she still felt like a princess; a princess whose palace roof was now the dense leafy canopy and whose throne was the cradling root of the banyan tree.

I'm privileged in that I can see the entire log; y'all have to be patient. *8)

Ian points out a noteworthy patent. You know how those rebates that you get in Circuit City and whatnot are always a pain to do, and you have to do them just right or they don't work, so sometimes you don't bother at all and sometimes you do bother but then the check never comes, or the form comes back complaining that you didn't circle the price in the right color ink and you say frock it and throw it away? The technical term for this is "breakage", and the rebate people consider it a Good Thing, worth patenting about:

Furthermore, the rebate processing system provides a user friendly interface, yet retains hurdles sufficient to maintain breakage.

Which you've always suspected, but there it is in print and all...

And from Dad, this page about the Goddess Ariadne. Neat! Fellow worshippers.