log (2006/07/28 to 2006/08/03)

(Heh! "Why do you think?" That's ambiguous!)

I was in CVS this evening, and in the open area in front of the counter with the registers, where people wait their turns, there was this little square table set up, with a plastic print tablecloth on it, and sitting all by itself on top of this table, with "SALE" stickers hanging from it, was a little bowl, and in the bowl were maybe a dozen CVS brand "backpack buddy" size packs of premoistened disposable wipes.

On the way out I noticed this, and laughed, and made eye contact with the young person at the register, and said "why do they have their own table?".

He shrugged and shook his head in a baffled sort of way, and said "I don't know".

Which just goes to show.

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