log (2005/11/04 to 2005/11/10)

End of Day Eight: 16,807
End of Day Nine: 19,029
Currently: 20,056

I haven't written two thousand words today by any means; on the other hand by virtue of having been a good boy on previous days, I'm already slightly above the two thousand words a day pace. And I think I'll be lazy and spend my political capital (so to speak ha ha ha) and stop right about now, because I'm sleepy and stuff.

So we've had our first Steamy Sex Scenes! Our first of any of the novels, in fact. (Unless you count the androgynous aliens plunging into the burning hot red interior of the giant lizard as steamy sex, which it is in some sense since that's apparently the way they get children and stuff, but on the other hand well hm.) (And maybe some vague hints of normal human sex in the other two, but nothing steamy that I can recall.) But they're pretty clean Steamy Sex Scenes; no explicit descriptions of genitalia or anything.

It'd be entirely too easy to go all Mark Aster, say, and just write pages and pages about kissing and hugging and stroking and licking and biting and gasping and screaming and writhing and all. I'm not sure why I'm not enthusiastic about that idea, really; it sounds like great fun in principle. Maybe I'm afraid it'd disappoint or shock or horrify or alienate or offend some of y'all Loyal Readers and you'd take me off of your bookmarks and expunge me from your del dot icio dot us lists and (even worse) think badly of me? I dunno.

Maybe I'm just afraid one of my kids will want to read my novels someday (and finding an explicit sex scene in a novel written by your Dad would be really freaky).

Maybe some year I'll do a pseudonymous erotic NaNoWriMo novel, and just drop subtle little hints in the weblog for those ambitious and twised enough to want to find it. *8)

(And no, I promise I'm not doing that this year; two novels in one November would challenge even the amazing me.)

And having cheated on my word count tonight, I think I'll also cheat on my weblogging, and leave you with just this entry, and this thought: what happened to all that orange juice?

End of Day Six: 12,590
End of Day Seven: 14,619
Today's goal: 16,750

Given that I'm sitting here writing in my weblog instead of in my novel, and that I have to go pick up the little daughter from dance soon and take her to the Mall to pick up some new glasses, and I'm already pretty sleepy, that 16,750 may be sort of implausible. Or not!

I've been rolling right along other nights, after all, except for that one Friday, and I made that one up right away. Not that I'm necessarily advancing the plot ("plot") with much regularity, but that's not what it's about. And I did rather like the part about the wasps.

Three entire people (not counting me) have bookmarked my little essay about Photoshop and the alpha channel! And four entire people have bookmarked this very weblog! We're famous!!

And that's just del dot icio dot us bookmarks; we know that the rest of you have us in your normal browser bookmarks folders and your RSS readers and stuff, filed under "indispensible". And this makes us glad.

As well as procrastinating by writing in my weblog here, I've written up another random pulp novel. And I've been doing lots of that "work" stuff for my employer.

Some interesting news on the Digital Rights Management Front, in the category of "things content owners do to consumers' computers". Here and here and here, and rather amusingly here. Given that my abovementioned employer may have some relationship to the company or companies and/or legal and/or technical issues involved in the situation, I will only say "ooooooh".

Okay, now I'll go off and see about that novel-writing stuff. Good night!

End of Day Five: 9,281
Currently: 12,590
Tomorrow's goal: 14,600

So we're All Caught Up from Friday's little forgetfulness, having put in an extra thousand words each day of the weekend here. (And we also watched the Danvers twins grow into children from toddlers and Sally Raptor become very good friends with another of her daughter's professors from college, and we had bagels in the big bed and had ham and asparagus and mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner, and even if the ham was just microwaved and the potatoes were from Potato Buds it was still all good.)

Will our protagonist have a torrid affair with the wife of Octavian Melle? Will he ever make significant progress on his book? And what is his correspondant's terrible secret? (Assuming, that is, that our protagonist is male, which I don't think is actually established in the text.)

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And I still have time to gather Spam subject lines! Another one of my favorites lately (as well as the one about the aeroperitoneum and some others above; he make go longship firetrap!) was from Clay Burns, who wrote "einigen. Selbst wenn". I like it because of "Clay Burns"; and because of it being in German and all...

End of Day Three: 6,211
End of Day Four: 6,211 (heh heh, oops)
Today's goal: 9,250

Yep, I wrote zero entire words yesterday! I was resting. It did occur to me a couple of times in the evening that I ought to be writing, but I thought to myself "eh".

(So now we're sitting on the bed watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, wondering if the group will ever manage to get out of the house and on their way to Europe, and if EuroTrish will get to go along. Suspense! Have to wake up the little daughter in fifteen minutes, so she can get ready for Jazz.)

Tess with a beating heart writes:

Subject: That old Nigirien scam again

Dear Log,

What is happening to you? Where are the Elysian Fields?

With a beating heart and a ring-side seat...


I don't know, what is happening to me? *8) I've been busy. Maybe I've been weblogging too long. Maybe I'm finally growing up (that'd be too bad!).

Or maybe I'm exactly like I always was; who can tell?

But you, lucky readers, certainly have a ring-side seat.

Speaking of Judge Alito, we find this heartening fact on Wonkette:

Associated Press: WASHINGTON -- In college, senior Samuel Alito led a student conference that urged legalization of sodomy and curbs on domestic intelligence -- a sweeping defense of privacy rights he said were under threat by the government and the dawning computer age.

Yay, sodomy!

In related news, also from Wonkette: the suddenly-famous Scooter Libby has (like oddly many other right-wing political types) written some odd dirty fiction. Rather disturbingly odd, in this case.

And speaking of fiction, here's a story about the idea that storylines are patentable. And here's a whole website on the subject (just oozes sleaze, do'n't it?).

(I have some prior art on the "Zombie Stare" plot cited in the first article; when I was a young teenager I did some magic a couple of times to skip particularly dull bits of time by instantly popping ahead to a point afterward without actually experiencing the interval between. I recall it involved a candle. But I was smart enough to specify that my memories would be entirely intact, just as though I had been conscious the whole time. As far as I can tell, it worked flawlessly.)

Ian who used to have a weblog sent that first link around in email, and it occurred to me that if storylines can be patented, then obviously so can jokes. Think of the possibilities!

"System and Method for telling a story about this guy who falls in love with this girl, but her parents don't approve of him so he has to visit her disguised as the postman, and..."

"Improved joke about the two strings who talk into a bar."

"Love story with secondary plot involving space aliens."

"Joke with sexually-suggestive punchline involving elves."

But anyway! I should really do some novel-writing now. I'm not all that happy with how it's going so far, and while it's defintely possible to launch off in entirely different directions involving space-aliens, it's much harder to do that and (what?) maintain (what?) some desirable quality or other (integrity?) of the work, or the experience, as a whole. (I was thinking of doing one two-thousand word chapter entirely in a fictional foreign language, for instance, but I haven't yet convinced myself it'd be acceptable.)