log (2010/07/02 to 2010/07/08)

To: The Editors, Reason Magazine
Subject: "Where Do Libertarians Belong?" (August/September 2010 issue)

Dear Editors,

Thanks to Brink Lindsey for reminding us just what a devil's bargain the 'fusionist' alliance [between libertarians and social conservatives] has been.

Thanks also to Jonah Goldberg for showing his true colors when he writes that libertarians have a nice comfy home with the Republicans "where it actually matters most: economics". This is typical of all too many self-styled libertarians, willing to turn surrender civil liberties (preferably someone else's) to anyone that will promise to lower their taxes.

And in the same way I will believe that Matt Kibbe's Tea Party has escaped its Republican astroturf roots when the rallies start to feature speakers denouncing the drug war, warrantless wiretaps, and the Presidential power to detain and torture citizens without trial.

But there I go forgetting that that's not what actually matters most...

David M. Chess
Mohegan Lake, New York

(The article in question isn't on the website (yet). I trust the gist is more or less clear. :) )