log (2010/04/09 to 2010/04/15)

If you are reading this, I have remembered how to update the ol' weblog! *8)

We just got back from the new Alice in Wonderland. It was fun!


  • Shouldn't it have been called Alice in Underland?
  • The monster is the Jabberwock, dash it, not the Jabberwocky! The latter is the name of the poem. (The little daughter says that they must have known this, and varied it for some conscious aesthetic reason; I agree with the first bit, but so far can't imagine what the reason would be.)
  • The little daughter is, by the way, home visiting from college, and it was all four of us, and The Boyfriend, at the movie, and that was fun.
  • I think I have seen too many movies (although I really haven't seen that many all told). These days I always feel like the action is a bunch of stock scenes glued together ("okay, Crisis of Confidence here", "okay, Battle Scene Part where the secondary character suddenly appears and saves the day here", "okay, plucky female eye-candy here"), and what differentiates the movies one from another is mostly just the special effects.
  • Speaking of special effects, given how much build-up we had about the Vorpal Sword being a powerful force on its own, I'm very surprised that in fact it did nothing to speak of that any other sharp metal thing couldn't have,
  • And speaking of plucky female eye-candy, Mia Wasikowska is, I have to say, gorgeous; the camera loves dwelling on her face and shoulders, looking fresh and plucky and un-made-up (through, I kinda suspect, the expert application of make-up), and generally swoon-worthy,
  • And the White Queen was definitely evil (she made me think of Tim Curry in Rocky Horror somehow, but M says I'm just weird); I was pleased that she didn't officially turn out to be, though; a little moral ambiguity is good,
  • And finally, how did they do that with Helena Bonham Carter's head?? I mean, zomg! hahahahaha!

All sorts of various other things have occurred. I got in a car crash! I did not lose my hair, but the airbags did deploy, and that scratched up my arms a bit and dazed me, and I got an ambulance ride and some x-rays, which showed that I was just fine.

My old (1996?) Honda Accord wagon, on the other hand, was not so fine; just replacing the air bags would have cost more than it was officially worth. So now I am driving a zippy new Honda Civic sedan or whatever it's called, which is a nice deep red color (M's idea, I promise!), and gets 'way better gas mileage, and isn't all full of junk, but still makes exactly the same old noise when I open the door with the headlights still on.

So that is all good.

Work has been crazy busy, I am "leading" a "team" of people who are making "software", which is a computer-thing. This has involved doing "email" and "programming" and "PowerPoint" far into the night now and then, but I have still had time for far too much World of Warcraft (mostly Spennix), and in some sense not really enough Second Life; it's better and more worthwhile in some deep way, but when I'm sufficiently tired, just running around mindlessly grinding honor or running instances in WoW is where I often find myself.

Or napping. *8)

There've been various other things where I've thought to myself "I should write that up for the weblog!", but then I always forget them. They were probably about politics and popular culture and stuff; you know.

We've had some days of lovely cool sunny Spring weather here. This makes me feel simultaneously energized and sleepy, both in a good way. I sit there feeling the air and looking out the window and thinking "I should get out into the woods!", and then I play WoW and take a nap.

Which is all very nice, but doesn't get me any exercise for body-maintenance purposes. So I still do try to get to The Gym three mornings a week, and usually manage at least two.

And now and then I still write in the secret Second Life weblog, although not all that often there, either. I've been meaning to write something about Linden Lab's new Third Party Viewer Policy, but so far it's never quite bubbled up to the top of the queue. Over, say, napping; or actually using a Third Party Viewer to dive into SL.

So anyway! to close with some aforementioned Popular Culture, here are: If I were a Deep One (from Shuggoth on the Roof), and Cthulolita, just because...