log (2010/02/05 to 2010/02/11)

Dear Miss Manners,

What's the best way to point out to a friend that his

    items = []

    for itemdata in initializers:
        global elementmaker
        element = elementmaker.make(itemdata)

could have been written as simply

    items = [elementmaker.make(e) for e in initializers] 


I mean, surely no one would choose the first if they knew about the second...

I'm sitting in the little boy's music school again, listening to the plinking and drumming and strumming, writing in my weblog whilst offline.

Things have been busy. I have Challenging New Responsibilities at work, some of which fortunately involve programming. Deminestia is out exploring Outland, being like level 60 now; Spennix is alternating between grinding Kurenai rep (for the riding talbuk) and grinding Netherwing rep (for the riding drake), both of which are pretty intensely boring; Demilaura is level 31 now and has never even seen Orgrimmar, having spent most of her adventuring career tanking random instances with strangers while out, say, gathering herbs in The Barrens.

(Demilaura tanked the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard like three times last night; it's impressive how high the demand for tanks is, and therefore how short the wait time in queues for random instances is. I keep waiting for the tanking to get difficult! Hasn't happened so far.)

Worked from home yesterday 'cause of the snow. (The little boy had a Snow Day.) Got quite a bit of coding done (yay!) associated with the Challenging New Responsibilities. Used the snowblower to move snow about just before it got dark, and then used a shovel to move different (mostly different) snor about this morning before going off to work for a day of mostly meetings (boo!). I will probably do some more coding after I finish writing this (and probably getting home and adding a "hyperlink" or three, and validating the HTML, and posting it).

I've taken to just popping in relatively briefly to Second Life in the evenings, to check my incoming messages and objects and notecards and group notices, and say Hi to any friends that are around, and then going to sleep. And still I don't usually seem to get to sleep before midnight. *8)

Time flies so fast in the virtual worlds!

In the real world, I've received a rather mysterious package of documents and photographs (some of them rather antique stereoscopic prints) related in some way to my famous ancestors Henry M. Leland and his son Wilfred C. Leland Sr. (my great-great grandfather and great grandfather respectively). As well as things like a stereoscopic picture of Wilfred on his favorite thoroughbred horse, there is also a long correspondance in which Wilfred, with the backing of Henry, attempts to get Henry Ford (yeah, that Henry Ford) to make good on the promises he made when buying the Lincoln factory from the Lelands.

(In the stories from that side of the family, the Ford organization is a Major Villain.)

So the little boy has been looking through the box (which reached us by an intriguing path involving a police evidence room somewhere in Florida), and reading on the Web about the Lelands and Cadillac and Lincoln, and reading also on the web the much sparser amount of information we've been able to find about a certain rug factory whose owners fled Beijing during the revolution, and one rug from which we have hanging in the child-side hallway in the house.

Poor children, having narrowly missed enormous wealth on both sides of the family!

But we do okay.

What other sorts of thing might I talk about, sitting in a waiting room in a crowded (crowded tonight anyway, since they rescheduled all of the lessons yesterday because of the snow, many of them to tonight) music school, waiting for the little boy?

In the middle of my typing that question there, it became moot (or "mute", as they say on the Internets), because said little boy emerged from said lesson, and now I am at home. I reckon I will edit this a bit, post it, write some code, potter about the house, and get into SL some before bed.

Take care o' yourselves. *8)