log (2010/01/15 to 2010/01/21)

Here it is another Wednesday! I am sitting in a train, rather overheated and stuffy but not quite overheated and stuffy enough to go through all the logistics of struggling out of my vest and my wool-flannel shirt and finding somewhere to stuff them and apologizing to my seat-mate for all of the thrashing about.

I was thinking I might take a nap, here on the train, but that's sort of boring, and it occurred to me that having my computer here and all (and the train even having standard electrical outlets for the plugging in of computers at every seat!) I could write in my weblog.

I don't have anything in mind to write about, but as regular readers are well aware that is not a constraint. *8)

Station stop is Wilmington, Delaware!

On the other hand the train doesn't have an obvious network connection, so I can't look up and see if I've spelled "Wilmington" correctly up there. I could ask my cellphone, but that's somewhat awkward and overpriced.

This is why apparently small changes in convenience-related technology can lead to large changes in human behavior and culture!

Usual virtual world updates: Spennix has gotten the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement after soloing a bunch of old-world instances; Deminestia is level 54 or so and has been happily DPSing with faithful Fido the dragonhawk in various instances (mostly lower Blackrock Depths lately), and has learned Dragonscale Leatherworking; Demilaura is level 23 I think it is, and has been bear-tanking quite successfully (did a speed run of Black Fathom Deeps the other night, because the healer was in a hurry and had to leave soon); and Dale is working in a lazy and easily distracted sort of fashion on a piece of putative art that is really more of a toy, for an art show that a friend is putting on next month sometime.

And much of this is reflected in that other weblog.

The non-virtual world has been about as usual, as much as it ever is. The weather has been cold and warm, wet and dry. When it is cold and dry I tend to get nosebleeds; these are especially annoying at, say, 3:30am. Have I mentioned that? There were some Friendly Ladies on the TV this morning, talking about getting nosebleeds when it is cold and dry. They recommended frequent saline nsasal spraying.

I seem to have a Whole Bunch of books queued up (piled up, mounting up) waiting for me to read them; not just the dusty old books that have been in that sort of pile for months or years, but also relatively brand-new books that have come into my possession only recently. I have been reading books a bit, but as usual lately (see virtual world updates above) I have been too busy with other things to romp through them at high speed as I once did.

And yet they seem to arrive with the same insistent frequency.

Speaking of books, I turned on the TV in the hotel last night, and looked at the Scifi (Sci-Fi? SyFy?) Channel. At first it had wrestling, which seemed odd, but later on it had an episode of Battlestar Galactica. Not the old one with the amusing costumes and funny hair styles, but the more modern remake, with the angst and intentionally shaky camera work and stuff.

I know almost nothing about BSG except as a sort of background cultural phenomenon; I think I may have seen the old original campy series a couple of times, but I didn't know what was going on. Coming in in the middle of the modern series, I definitely had no idea what was going on, but I searched around a little on th' "Web", and of course found a Wiki all about the show and the universe, which turned out to have at least one page dedicated to exactly the episode that I was watching, which helped greatly in my figuring out what was going on.

Seems kinda fun and interesting, but I'll probably content myself with just getting the basic premise and storyline from the web rather than actually trying to watch it. Heck, I haven't finished watching my Babylon 5 DVDs from the other year...

Although it's not nearly as common as it once was, some surrealist poetry still slips through the spam filters now and then. One of the more recent:

Latonyaa And for this! He laughed discordantly. The woman looked up again Fayea Nadinea Roba.
Justinea death! What did those yonder know of war? Laraa Melindaa Shannaa.
Charlesa herself. As a matter of fact the forward room, with its huge middle-age Johnathana Domingoa Louisaa.

(The next station stop is Trenton, New Jersey.)

The forward room, with its huge middle-age Johnathana Domingoa Louisaa!