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"... I'm running for President Bush's third term."
  -- John McMain

So I'm very worried about a voting paradox this year: that the Democrats slightly prefer Obama to Clinton, and strongly prefer Clinton to McCain, whereas the country as a whole strongly prefers Clinton to McCain but slightly prefers McCain to Obama, and so we end up with McCain as president, even though everyone strongly prefers Clinton to McCain.


One crosses one's fingers for the country as a whole having more sense in November.

And while we're making little simplified models of things, imagine that there was for some reason a competition, open to everyone, requiring a huge entry fee, consisting of a long examination where the questions are things like:

Frenzied rabbits in clockwork:
  (a) June
  (b) 127
  (c) 14x + 2
  (d) higher tarrifs

and where you fail if you forget to show up, or don't write your name on every page, or fail to answer too many questions, but otherwise the scores are entirely random.

And every year the top thousand scorers are given tens of millions of dollars as a reward (although not enough, given the huge entry fee and the many many candidates, to make the expected payoff non-negative).

Think what would happen. The winners would be lauded, celebrated, attacked, constantly on TV, having their own lines of clothing and perfumes, and some of them would write books about how to win. Some of these books would emphasize showing up, and writing your name on every page, and answering all the questions. Others would give elaborate rules for how to answer the questions, based on the alphabetical order of the answers, or the numerological parity of the questions, or the phase of the moon.

And although some of us would suspect that the scores are really random, and that the expected payoff is negative, and that there are vastly more losers than winners, we wouldn't be completely certain. Once in awhile we would think to ourselves, "gad, look at that winner with his own yacht and penthouse and infinite free time, we'd love to have some of that stuff; why aren't we brave enough to take the exam and maybe be a winner, too?".

And once in awhile that would bother us.

What do you see?

I see London, I see France...

...only the bluebells and the stems of the orange tulips.

I'm very well, thank you. Though I am a bit confused. Why is "2012" funny? Please make me clued.

sims 2 storys

sims 2

Ah, youth! 2012 is funny because it's like unimaginably far in the future (always has been), and yet my daughter's now a member of the Class of it. It's, like, absurd and impossible!

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