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So we here at Ceoln Central were pretty impressed when we heard that New York Governor John, I mean Eliot, Spitzer was in trouble for having been "involved with a prostitution ring". Slightly less impressed on hearing more and it turns out that he was just a customer, but the question remains: how much could the Governor of a major state get, per hour? And what kind of security would e have to arrange?

We would be less snarky about Spitzer, we suppose, if he wasn't so famous for being Mr. Law Enforcement and if he hadn't prosecuted "prostitution rings" back when he was bigshot prosecutor an' all. But sheesh; one year you're sending them to jail and the next year you're hiring them? Pheh.

An' is there any chance he will now come out as advocate of decriminalized prostitution, saying "yeah, my wife should give me total hell, but there's no good reason for anything that I did to be illegal"? Between zero an' none; this hypocrisy goes more than bone-deep.

But enough about our knee-jerk more or less thoughtless reactions to sordid current events!

For something much more uplifting and useful, we present Chicken chicken chicken (and the PowerPoint). With apologies to whoever pointed it out to us and we forgot who it was.

All sorts o' fun Immersion an' Augmentation discussions in the SLish weblogs lately. See the very notable The World Philip Made (to which's comments we have volubly contributed now), and also this posting (to which's comments we have jes sort of said Hi), and this and also this an' this (by someone that I keep thinking of as Agent Bury), an' additionally Gwyneth, as well as the more skeptical view. All sorts of inneresting stuff about the relationship between RL and SL, between people and bodies and avatars, between realities and universes and weblog posters, and so on and so on.

(And from there wander around to things with intriguing titles like My Rezbian Theory and suchlike.)

(And also here is the original "Augmentation vs Immersion" piece again, just for convenience.)

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(Oh, and in the latest little-daughter news update, she's now been accepted by two of her safety schools. Very gratifyin'!)