log (2008/01/25 to 2008/01/31)

I'm Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous...

I'm Mrs. Oh My God, That Britney's Shameless...

Recent events have confirmed how wise Madonna was in choosing to pass to Britney Squears the glaring torch of full-on cultural performance art. (And what better vehicle than the Kiss, not only exploiting our taste for hot women kissing, but also exploiting our very knowledge that we are being exploited, which turns out to be even sexier, at least in some subcultures?)

Much as we enjoy say Laurie Anderson, one gets the impression that when the show is over she goes home and leads a relatively sane, and even cerebral, life. Whereas Ms. Squears, well: talk about suffering for your art!

The little daughter rolled her eyes when I mentioned that I'd bought Blackout from iTunes. She'll be able to appreciate the deep ironic subtlties of it when she's older; the young don't really understand these things.

Beware Google's Surveillance Death Ray!

From a Second Life weblog, to an amazing piece of digital art, to a really astounding piece of literature. By Sherwood Anderson. From like 1920.


Remember when I used to post Sims Stories alla time? (Back before you were born?) Well yesterday or sometime a kind reader wrote to say nice things about the stories, to ask when I was going to post more, and to ask if I could post or send a top-down view of the Danverses house. So I did that!

(And not only did I post a plan view of the house, I also looked through the last few pictures that I took before I got distracted by Second Life and Wow, and one of them was really neat so I posted that too.)

Didn't we just have a Super Bowl a few weeks ago? I coulda sworn...