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moveon.org Ad

Yeah, I'm not an enormous fan of moveon dot org; they're a bit strident and over-the-top. On the other hand sometimes strident and over-the-top is the right reaction. I kinda like this ad; I even gave them money to attempt to get it published on paper an' all.

Tsk, another week weblogless. Apologies to anyone whose world is less sparkly as a result; it's just so easy to slip off into the virtual universes, rather than doing optional things in this one. I really ought to get around to writing a less manual weblogging system. Or I could (gasp) switch to WordPress or something...

(I'm gonna leave the NaNoWriMo banner over there up for another week I think <smile>.)

Quote o' the Day:

The national director of Christian Voice, Stephen Green told MediaGuardian.co.uk that he was expecting his case to be heard by the House of Lords...

"I'm really sympathetic to the freedom of speech argument. But blasphemy is not a matter of free speech, it's people going out of their way to offend almighty God. The fact that some people get their kicks out of insulting Jesus Christ does not mean the rest of us or the law should put up with this."

Talk about unclear on the concept.

"I'm really sympathetic to free speech, but this is about offending almighty God."

"I'm really sympathetic to free speech, but this is about the welfare of our children."

"I'm really sympathetic to free speech, but this is about the War on Terror."

"I'm really sympathetic to free speech, but this is about sedition."

"I'm really sympathetic to free speech, but this is about naughty words."

"I'm really sympathetic to free speech, but this is about depictions of people fucking."

And in general "I'm really sympathetic to free speech, but this is about things I really don't like."

Well, yeah, that's sort of the idea...

Also the other day the radio told me that someone had asked Mike Huckabee whether or not he considered Mormonism to be a cult, and he nicely evaded the question. Can you imagine a better question to be asked? It gets the message into the listener's mind, and you don't have to be mean by actually saying it yourself.

"Now Fred, I realize that you're asking me if my opponent eats babies, and while I know there have been lots of rumors to the effect that my opponent eats babies, I have to say that this is an election about issues, and that whether or not my opponent eats babies, what we should really be concerned about is...

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, here I am at the inevitable NaNoWriMo place in SL:

Dale Innis at the Second Life NaNoWriMo place

And speaking of Second Life, here I am in a statue of Santa's lap (so to speak):

Dale Innis in Santa's lap, with lollipop

I also have a recent picture of my WoW Tauren Shaman riding some sort of bird-thing, but the little boy is playing Dawn of War on that computer right now, and the picture is in a non-shared directory, so it will have to wait. Now now, don't cry. *8)

What are you riding?

I am riding a shot stori abowt spase sheps
the storm

I'm highly gratified to know that I still have readers despite the infrequency of my writing!

A bit less highly gratified that I still have spammers, but I did discover a small series of gems when plowing through some "not quite filtered out" accumulated email the other day:

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Getting there, eh? During Ottowa, senators won cut ducks!

So I dunno. Things in general pretty good. Lots of minor annoyances, this laptop's fan still making awful noises, the little boy's iPod's hard drive dying just long enough before Christmas that it wasn't perfect timing that he's getting a new (non-handmedown) one, the SL client crashing and hanging the whole machine annoyingly often, an unexpected afternoon snowstorm that the kids would have loved except that it was on a Friday and so didn't get them a snowday and it was on the day of the second performance of the little daughter's high school theater company's "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged" so that was postponed until next Saturday and that's going to mess her schedule up in all sorts of ways.

We're probably going to go out and cut our Christmas tree somewhere up North tomorrow, but she might not be able to come along because of having so much to do, and one of the reasons she has so much to do is that she spends lots and lots of time out with her friends, and while it's entirely right and proper that spending time with her friends tends to edge out going off to cut down a tree with us, it's also heartbreaking, in a way that's deeply sweet but still hurts anyway.

Kids: sheesh.