log (2007/11/16 to 2007/11/22)

So the media has been all full of these stories about how a rod isn't leaving the Yankees (or somebody) after all. What does that mean? A rod?

Is it like a retinal thing? A rod leaves the Yankees, the Dodgers get a couple of extra cones? Or is it some extended automotive metaphor, about throwing rods and perhaps blowing head gaskets? Or is it maybe geometrical: the Yankees keeping a rod, the Mets acquiring a few new spheres, the Packers stacking up some cubes?

And in other news, the Pope has issued a declaration on the shape of a pair of scissors, two dimes and a nickel are threatening to invade Panama, and the U.S. Ambassador to toilet seats is protesting to a lima bean that his hovercraft is full of eels.

Sometimes I think I'm accidentally picking up the news from Mars or something, I swear.

End of Day Fourteen: 20,786 (owch!)
End of Day Fifteen: 22,033
Today's Goal: 25,000

Well, yeah, I definitely slacked off and went to bed early on Wednesday, far short of the 22K goal for that day, and then yesterday I just got to where I should have been on Wednesday.

So the ETN (Estimated Time of Novel) is now 29 November, which is cutting it awfully close. But since as mentioned last time I have all this vacation time ahead of me, I should have no trouble doing significantly more than two thousand words on lots of the forthcoming days, and thereby fixing that.

I'll start just aaaaaany time now.

Reeeeeal soon....