log (2007/05/25 to 2007/05/31)

So since things are extremely busy at home and at work, we have a little daughter to get out of bed and off to college, I've signed up to play various leading roles in determining the future strategy of the Information Technology industry (as well as doing my day job), and so on, I have done the obvious time-management thing by installing Word of Warcraft!

You gotta problem with that?


Haven't actually created a character or played it or anything, because I mean, who has time? (I probably won't play one o' them decaying undead guys up there, at least not to start with. I'm thinking maybe a cute lil female gnome rogue (we called 'em "thieves" in my D&D days, but I guess that's Politically Incorrect now) or something, just to keep the autogynophilia flowing.)

No idea how much I'll actually play this, whether it'll cut into my Second Life time (like there's anything else it could cut into!), or anything. Radically different from SL, but I did it because one of my SL friends strongly recommended it to me on a day that at least two other SL friends had mentioned in passing that they were playing it. So I thought "hey!".

(On the other hand I did try There, and it seemed relentlessly lame. I mean, lamer than a rather lame thing! Woo...)

Note to anyone who might be submitting a paper to a journal that I might be reviewing for: here's a good rule. If you get your manuscript back with an "accept with changes" verdict and a bunch of reviewer comments that include pointing out a bunch of typos, do not submit another draft that doesn't even fix the typos.

It just puts the reviewer in a bad mood when he's reading the new version. And you really don't want that.

Have you heard of "pastedumps" or "pastebins" like this one? I hadn't. Not only is it a great way to easily share random snippets of text (or code) with random others, but it's also a great place to browse through and see what random snippets of text (or code) people are sharing out there.

Aren't people fun! (Or "Aren't ppl phun?", as we say in SL. Or "warrrrgghhh!", as we presumably say in WoW.)