log (2007/02/09 to 2007/02/15)

I think it's cute how the City of New York is divided into "burrows", and sometimes the "Burrow President" gives a "State of the Burrow Address".

It makes me think, briefly, of New York City as a bunch of cute little bunnies hopping around, or maybe like Hobbits or something, living in snug circular homes under the ground. Which, as we know, is an accurate description of only a fraction of New Yorkers.

So I thought to myself, on Thursday, "uh-oh, I have to post in the weblog today, because I haven't posted at all this week, and it's the last day of the week!".

But then, for some reason, it occurred to me that I could actually not post at all in some week, and nothing very bad would actually happen.

It was quite a liberating thought, really. So I didn't post last week, but here I am posting here about burrows and all, and everything seems pretty okay.

Now to the Second Life pictures! (lol)

Here I am sitting on a big rhodopsin molecule with the friend and collegue who made it, and a lovely and fascinating Duchess of Caledon, with whom we are discussing education, grant proposals, and jewelry-making:

Among the atoms

Here I am with friend Ollie Kubrick (of O K Motors), driving around in one of the amazingly stylish vehicles that he designs at an incredible rate, trying out a vehicle-based sort of soccer game that he's working on:

Dale and Ollie

And finally here I am as neither Boy Dale nor Girl Dale, but instead as a Pandaren Brewmaster from Warcraft III (the Frozen Throne expansion):

Me as Pandaren

As the flickr page says, I picked this up as a free avatar kit from the AV store on Emit Time (a region I was visiting just because it has such a cool name). So far I haven't spent any time to speak of wearing prim-based AVs like this (i.e. in fancy costumes), but I really like this one and might use it for awhile.

(Most of the area in the background, except for the building on the left, is another little plot of land that I bought on a whim, on a hilltop in Sprawler right on the border with Highflyer. The artwork just behind me I won in the charity auction; it was done in three hours by a wondeful artist from Caledon, and I luuuurve it.)

So that's the story from here! What's going on in your various lives?