log (2006/09/29 to 2006/10/05)

On the topic of What's for dinner, a reader writes:

Last night my friend had an old song stuck in her head. So my other friend sang a different old song to get it out. Later at the restaurant both those songs played on the stereo. You mentioned Rockland. I turned over a package of fabric and the brand on the label was Rockland Industries. It all means nothing, but I love when that happens. Tonight's dinner was tofu, but last night's was prime rib.

Is that what the Web is all about, or what?

Also for dinner:

chicken and peppers with black bean garlic sauce, and fried rice

Dont know about the phytoplankton and the earthmother, but I think u get my point

If I had some ham I could have some ham and eggs if I had some eggs.

Soylent Green

Oh, I dunno. But I tell you what, my wife does a great thing with leftovers. She throws them away.

chicken molokhia & winter tabbouleh :)

a kiss

Leftovers, but at least the blog is new.

Hassenpfeffer...as soon as I catch that rabbit.

Same old thing. How about you? We pretty much never hear what you had for dinner.

A lovely selection (you can guess my favorite). We don't tend to be a What Was For Dinner sort of weblog (except when we are), but since you ask tonight it was a lovely huge spinach and ground beef (one of the few dishes we ever have around here with beef in it) lasagna, all cheesy and tomatoey and hot. A great thing to come home to on an early-Fall evening, I tell ya.

Serious bug in Google Maps (posted all over).

Zombie rights march protested by pirates (from Ian, who used to have a weblog so long ago that we won't even bother linking to where it used to be (speaking of zombies)).

It's nearly time for the Boobiethon again! So good, words fail.

So I dunno, what else? Our Introduction to the Ariadnite Faith is still the top Google hit on "Ariadnite", but we got nervous that AOL might decide to stop hosting it someday, or we might want to update it and not remember how to use AOL at all, so we made a copy here.

Late pointer: all those leaked AOL keyword searches. For future reference, while they last.

I want to write stuff sometime about serendipitous search in rich logical spaces, and serendipitous navigation (you can Google on those to get some small number of existing words on the subjects). But I also want to sit here and look at my stacks of books and feel guilty for not reading them and happy that they're there. And I want to sleep. And then there's all the stuff I ought to do...

And then there are the leaves slowly turning color and the nights slowly getting colder, and the moon, and grass, and still water.