log (2006/05/05 to 2006/05/11)

Won't you take me down, to Funky Town?

Updates to the Galaxy of Content: Notes on a book (an RPG rulebook, but hey); and Two Weddings and No Funerals over in Neighborhood One.

(Speaking of The Sims, a reader points us at "Welcome to the New Dollhouse", which is all about that.)

(Oh, also I added a "random" link at the bottom of the Sims Stories page. At the moment (it suddenly occurs to me) it only selects from the stories that are in the Usual Place, not the ones that are interspersed in the weblog here. I might fix that sometime.)

Someone's done a movie of the classic "Made out of meat" short story. Although I'm pretty sure it leaves out some of the words of the story (including the final telling ones), it's a wonderfully odd little film (great aliens, really), and worth watching.

Recent Spam Subject Lines of Note:

Subject: subconsciously unsophisticated
Subject: SIutty girIs want money pernicious surtax
Subject: amoeba privately
Subject: custard modulation
Subject: fine print factory
Subject: neutrality hill
Subject: piquant long johns
Subject: vengeance kidney bean
Subject: doctrine flamingo

I think my favorite is the "pernicious surtax" one (or maybe the piquant long johns, or...) although they're all good. (In an alternate universe I'm currently halfway through the gripping diplomatic thriller "Doctrine Flamingo"; right at the part with the red-haired woman and the tiki bar that isn't what it seems.)

I wrote to the folks at No Entropy dot net ("Your online source for truly deterministic numbers"):

Is there any sort of Web Services or REST or RPC interface to your deterministic numbers? HTML-scraping is so messy...

And they replied encouragingly:

Thanks for your enquiry. In order to become a Web 2.0 company and boost our IPO, we currently have teams of programmers working on an AJAX interface with integrated tagging and blogging. As soon as this is out of the way we will begin work on a comprehensive XMLRPC interface.

Further correspondance on the subject of podcasts may follow at a later date.

What's the idea?

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