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Subject: seat belt Sunday school

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Really the subject line all by itself is perfect; but I can never resist excess.

Subject: fly-by-night

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Okay, so no more spam tonight, I promise.

From Salon (and sorry again if it's subscribers-only), "Court upholds sex toy ban, no fundamental right to dildos".

Or, more importantly, yet again upholding the theory that the government can ban anything it wants, on a whim, as long as the Constitution doesn't explicitly say "hands off". I want a Constitutional amendment saying "no government shall make any laws without a damn good reason".

Seven Species Of Conifer Giblets Can Never Forgive (latest evidence that everyone should read fafblog constantly).

So I'm sitting here on the little daughter's room floor, keeping her company so she doesn't fall asleep over the last bits of her studying (she's had too much homework lately and been staying up too late). Reminds me of All Those Years Ago, when I would sit on her couch (the couch that's now in the playroom / computer room) and sing her songs while she fell asleep, and write things on the old laptop (this was pre-weblog, but I wrote things anyway), and sometimes fall asleep myself so M would have to come and get me.

Those were the days! *8)

These days aren't bad either.

Remember back when I used to write in my weblog every single (mingle whingle) day? Whoosh!

"It's official: Chile is run by a girl":

Michelle Bachelet, Chile's first female president, was sworn in on Saturday... Broadsheet loves Bachelet, a socialist, agnostic pediatrician and single mother of three who has vowed to make the needs of women and the poor in her country a priority and appointed a cabinet of 10 men and 10 women. As Broadsheet reader Karen M. commented here in December, "any ONE of her characteristics" -- that is, being divorced, a single mother, an atheist or a socialist -- "would prevent a woman being elected president here. Or even being taken seriously as a candidate..."

Yay, socialistic agnostic pediatricians!

(Apologies if the link doesn't work for non-members of Salon.)

And while we're being socialistic

And he went to the other mice and said, "My friends, why do we keep on electing a government made up of cats, why don't we elect a government made up of mice?" "Oh!" They said, "He's a Bolshevik". So they put him in Jail.

Oh, and just to complete the hat-trick, see Fancy Ford dot com (a Republican site to point out that a particular Democrat is rich), and Very Fancy Frist dot com (the obvious Democratic response).

Fascinating to see this kind of official Party fisticuffs coming to the Web! Who would have thought?

Subject: jamboree correction

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I know, some of y'all devoted readers are tired of these. But I just can't get enough! I love this latest series.

Subject: conformity

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Boxer shorts of an unlucky carton!

Subject: vortices meander

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Industrialization or sweatpants! Hands off!

Plant o' the Day: Welwitschia mirabilis. Isn't nature wonderful?

Subject: you, r. exter

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(Okay, just one more.)

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Sitting down, eating a plateful of uncooked carrots.

From Pursed Lips, our Gender Ambiguity o' the Day. (We like gender ambiguity; we dunno why.)

From HTML o' the Day: the source and docs for a rather amazing Obfuscated C artifact. (Ref our own much more straightforward and boring stereogram stuff.)

What should she do?


put the flag down before she burns her hands

Sing "Fever" in the style of Guadalupe "La Lupe" Yoli

She should have told me years ago that Madonna's "Fever" was a cover. Now I feel a fool! Especially since it annoys me so when covers of my favorite songs become popular and Kids These Days don't give proper respect to the original artists and all.

What would Madonna do?

Sell seashells by the seashore

"Who?": that's funny!

I got a note from someone actually asking about the 2.5D mazes for the Doom engine that I mention on the old mazes page. This meant I had to try to find the program itself (last touched, like the mazes page, sometime at the end of 2000). First I looked in the old computer up in the attic (not even on the house network, and not turned on for years, but it did still work). The program wasn't there (but I did have a good time playing Galactic Patrol up in the dimness of the attic for awhile; have to replace those burned out fluorescent bulbs sometime).

Turns out that the Doom Mazes program (really a hacked-up copy of some ancient version of the Slige source) existed only on the Previous Computer in the playroom, which is still sitting there under the table with a network connection and (once I plugged it in) a power connection, but with no monitor. Turning it on and pressing Enter and clicking the mouse a few times for good luck eventually got it to show up on the network, and by a miracle I remembered a network password for it, and got to the hard drive over the house network, and there the program was (along with a couple of gigabytes of other stuff that I somehow hadn't transferred over to the Current Computer, probably thinking "well, I won't bother right now because it's still there on the network anyway and I'm sleepy" or something, and then forgetting about it for five and a half years).

So I sent it off to the questioner; I should have thanked em for leading me to rediscover all that other old stuff while I was at it.

When sitting, just sit. When hungry eat; at night sleep. But difficult as those are, Roshi, aren't they the easy parts? What about "when worried, worry"? Or "when screaming in anger, just scream in anger"?

Not that I'm screaming in anger or anything. Just feeling a vague disquiet of some kind, a surroundedness by things, or events, or constraints.

So they found hot water on this here moon of Saturn. It puzzles me, though, why no one's mentioned the petroglyph of an enormous squid-headed warrior brandishing alien weapons on that same moon, as shown clearly here. (Looks like a battleaxe in the left hand, and something like a croquet mallet or a ski-pole in the right.)

Seems like it ought to mean something.

Recent advances in teledilonics.

A rather endearing spammer writes:

Hi therbe lovely,
This kind of opportunity comes ones in a life. I don't want to miss it. Do you? Ib am coming to your placea in bfew days and I though may be we can meet each othber. If you don't mind I can send you my picture. I am a girl.

I found that "I am a girl" touching, somehow. As if that ought to be enough. And maybe it ought to be.

(There was one more line, with an email address. But I didn't send any mail to it.)

Here's an impressive analysis of a Kate Bush song about Pi, revealing that it contains a secret reference to some stones in Cornwall that look sort of like a steam locomotive. Which is sort of unexpected. (Update: people apparently linked derisively to the site, and the author has taken it down. Sort of sad; I hope he changes his mind.)

- 131 for "helen naked pictures"
- 17 for "naked helen pictures"
- 6 for "mia"
- 1 for "cam viewer"
- 1 for "halle barry naked pictures"
- 1 for "hallenaked pictures"
- 1 for "how to hack a webcam"
- 1 for "naked pictures of helen"
- 1 for "nude female doctor"
- 1 for "pictures of iris chacon"

From off to my right, the voices of the little boy and his friend; in just the last few months (weeks?), his friend's voice has gone from kid to teenager, and I keep doing audio double-takes, thinking "who's that teenage boy in the computer room?". From off to my left, the little daughter's voice and guitar, singing Billy Joel, and the Beatles, and things I don't know. What could I have to complain about? (Does the future worry me?)

What's in your hand?

the muzzle of my faithful llama. What's in my other hand is not a question a gentleman should be asking.

it would have been a glass of whisky but I dropped it while typing zzt tsss kckckczt

a pair of aces! Yahoo!

Please let us know if you ever figure out what is meant by the comment spam along the lines of, "My coworker just bought a car for $54234, can you believe it?!?" with no URL. A searchable test?

Little orangey bits from the handful of reduced fat Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers I just ate.

No thing.

I think every meeting at IBM Research should start with a ritual brainteaser. Those not solving the brainteaser are required to sit in silent contemplation for the duration of the meeting. (That is, they're not allowed to interrupt the ideas of those who could solve the brainsteaser.)

The sound of it not clapping.

"Oh, you'll have to come over here and see. No, come over, I can't come over there, come on. Ah, there. Now, here it is. Oh, you mean - I didn't want you to . . . ah, you didn't really want to see that, did you."


never seen that before

fads dafs typing exercise

A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work!

helen chamberlain


Searchable tests seem to be the most plausible theory, but I can't quite make up a coherent story about it. If that's what it is, I suppose by reprinting them I'm making the log here look comment-spammable, and I might expect dozens or hundreds more? Or something?

The brainteaser's an amusing idea. Not quite the sort of practice I was thinking of, but still an amusing idea.

(No thing, no hand, no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind.)

Soon I'm going to go off and make Fish and Kasha (see 7 November 1999, 'way back before we even had permalinks). I was at the grocery today and passed the fish counter and thought "whoa, I haven't made Fish and Kasha for a long time" (not as long as 1999, but still a long time). So I bought some fish and stuff.

One reason I haven't made Fish and Kasha in a long time is that I'm too busy playing The Sims 2 and all. Things continue to happen; the most recent story is about Martin finally graduating SSU and joining Jane Stacks in the neighborhood, and their utterly typical Simsian wedding, first child, etc. Other events have also occurred (in some sense of "occurred"), but their pictures have not yet been posted.

But anyway. Fish!