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Who is it?
Monday, December 27, 2004  permanent URL for this entry

The Bodhisattvas are great tricksters,
Sacrificing their own purity to save
  all sentient beings.
But their words only cloud the glass.
Better they had kept their mouths closed.

Nice long quiet time with not much webreading or weblogging or much of anything like that. Lots of playing "Urbz: Sims in the City" (the Gameboy Advance version), which was my Big Christmas Present (also a four by four by four Rubik's cube).

Mind, body, feelings, and phenomena are empty.
Yet undeniably Angelina Jolie is hot.
When you can comprehend the emptiness
  of mind, body, and feeling,
  and the hotness of Angeline Jolie,
Then the ten thousand things will pass through the gate.

M is wondering what she has done, giving me this little gift into which I've been vanishing for hours at a time. It's much like The Sims (with which I was, coincidentally, obsessing before Solstice), except that [] it runs on an utterly portable little hand-held device, [] it has a somewhat linear story that drives a bunch of goals, which you can mix however you like with the buying-stuff and home-design and cartoon flirting of the usual Sims universe, and [] it's way simpler (you're just the one character rather than a neighborhood full of families, you can choose a house but not build your own, etc).

Will we start seeing serious literature in this form? Will interactivity (eventually, finally) pervade the space of creative artifacts? Is this what "interactive fiction" will come to mean, and will the default meaning of "fiction" be "interactive fiction"? And lots more of the obvious profound questions along those lines.

And I'm also reading an issue of "Buddhadharma" magazine, and still thinking about visiting Fire Lotus Temple some Sunday when it reopens for the year. Both of which I might talk about later. Right now I'm listening (with half an ear) to WZEN Internet Radio: Sounds from Zen Mountain.


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