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Thursday, December 18, 2003  permanent URL for this entry

Re: QXIDFNKQ, looked further down
Re: QVBNPL, vile and sparsely
Re: VH, several visitors stood
Re: KNFIM, gogols dead souls
Re: IEM, this was said
Re: FTEAY, flooded with light
Re: LLYPSKM, that had caught
Re: UCDVSPOK, "there was nothing
Re: WWBEVZKG, unknown master became
Re: SUETIG, the risen christ
Re: SF, ivanovichs redbearded neighbour
Re: BTIDBP, and yet each
Re: QSMMYG, scrutinizing some inconspicuous
Re: FGWC, period of enemies
Re: DW, then he found
Re: XJU, his activity ceased
Re: YRC, reassure the hegemon:

u wont regret to bu.y at such low price nucleotide despotic

- 2 for "3d pictures"
- 2 for "levine"
- 2 for "the princess bride"
- 2 for "view a web cam without permission"
- 1 for "chacon"
- 1 for "chess"
- 1 for "clitoris picture"
- 1 for "foster"
- 1 for "foster chess"
- 1 for "incent"

how and what can we know of the external world?
How are immoral acts distinguished from crimes in our society?
how chess affects the brain
how chess creates happiness
how do you get a cat to take a pill
how do you get rid of the funlove virus?
how does nicholas urfe change in the novel the magus
How does the physical world works
how does this system affect our world today?
how long take for a "password capturing" software
how the fault teeth work
how to avoid the porn "global dialer" install
how to become better at chess
How to clean funlove virus
how to cure funlove virus
how to delete flcss.exe
how to draw chibis
how to fix funlove
how to fix funlove virus
How to fix funlove virus on NTFS
how to fix program files
how to look at yahoo webcam without permission?
how to make button gif
how to pull sick moves in chess
how to view a yahoo webcam
what are some reasons why a person hacks?
what are the advantages of electronic flash over flashbulbs
what do air raid wardens look like?
what do I have to do to be a wrestler
what does "post haste" mean?
what does post haste mean?
what funlove virus will do?
what is a grasshoppers excretion?
what is a webley-vickers 50.80
what is consciousness
What is Free-will and what is the affect it has?
what is gaul bladder
what is spam 419
what is the average memory span of a goldfish?
What is the origin of the title "Grand Poobah"?
what kept americas current boom going for so long
what type of chess is in star wars a new hope
What typed of clothing did the Apache wear
what was the gender of the person that discovered the poinsettia plant
when did chess begin?
When liquid splashes me, none seeps through.
When liquid splashes me, none seeps through. When I
  am moved a lot, liquid I spew. When I am hit, color
  I change. And color, I come in quite a range. What I
  cover is very complex, and I am very easy to flex.
Where can I find a good Shibari site?
where can I find pictures of mosquitos
where can i find secrets of winning at tic tac toe
where can i find simple mazes
where can i play a game with snowball fights?
where can i see halle barry naked free?
who makes hecker's whole wheat flour?
who was the kid that crashed a plane into a building in Florida
who wrote this saying I can't hear i can fly and you can can't me
why did J Peterman go bankrupt
why I do not like pornography
why people don't like queueing "queueing theory"

Monday, December 15, 2003  permanent URL for this entry

So, some poking around and writing Perl scripts and so on has revealed some of the cellphone's secrets to me. First I learned a certain amount of WAP and WML, enough to verify that the phone (and Opera for that matter) does speak it. Then digging a little further I found evidence that my prediction more than three years ago that WAP and WML really don't matter, because even tiny devices will just speak HTML like everyone else, was correct (nice to have one of my brilliant predictions actually written down for a change).

Not only does the phone speak WAP and WML, it (or some proxy upstream, which is effectively the same thing in this context) speaks HTTP and HTML. And all that's necessary to download a jpg or a midi file to it is to click, in the phone's HTML nanobrowser, on a link that points to the jpg or midi in question. So ultimately I just put an HTML page right here on davidchess.com with normal HTML links to a few images and tunes that I wanted on the phone, went to the page in the nanobrowser, and clicked on them.


(Some of the stuff I found on the Web also claimed that "cellphones only support the WBMP format", another thing that I would have predicted was silly three years ago if I'd known about it. "I know! Let's have a special image format (or at least a special image format name) just for computers whose serial numbers are prime!" This phone supports, for instance, normal jpgs.)

So that was fun. Rather dashed my dreams of putting up a nice helpful techie FAQ about how you get images / midi files to a phone. "You just click on a link to the file in the phone's nanobrowser" would be a very short FAQ.

And it snowed again, so I shovelled instead of going to the gym. And they (we) caught Saddam Hussein (yay!), which probably makes it that much more likely that we'll have four more years of Bush (boo!). And my iPod's remote control cable (the one that the earbuds plug into) has started to do that annoying thing where one channel cuts out intermittently (phht); have to get a new one or something. (In perspective, though, this does not upset me terribly.)

And that's all!

Sunday, December 14, 2003  permanent URL for this entry

Let's see now, let's see now, let's see now.

Susie Bright read one of my letters on her show again. It was a rather lame geeky one about the difference between private choices (like Paypal's silly decision to stop supporting transactions involving adult material (apparently they only like childish material)) and government censorship (Paypal may be silly, but they aren't censors). But still, fame is fame.

Bounce message that I've been getting (mostly from AOL) suggest that someone is sending spam with forged return addresses at theogeny.com, which is annoying. AOL has been bouncing the spam, but apparently (thank goodness) not due solely to the "from" domain, as real mail that I send to AOL from theogeny.com still goes through.

(The headers suggest that it's someone on an Optimum Online cable modem originating the spam; I wrote the the obvious abuse addresses, but no reply yet.)

I found a very cool site where you can download lots of images and midi files to your cellphone for free, and even upload your own over the Web and then download them to your phone; so now I have my own custom image on the idle screen, and my own tune (composed by a program of my own devising) as the default ringtone.

I still don't know exactly how jhonny.org does it, though, and I want to. Funny there isn't a FAQ about it somewhere easily googlable. Maybe it's just because so many non-techies want to know how to do it in non-technical ways that the technical information isn't googlable among all the noise.

Looking through the cellphone material some more, I found that not only is there the 160-odd page manual from Nokia for the phone, there's also a 60-odd page manual from AT&T about how to use their services (like, say, calling people) with the phone. I suppose I should read that, too.

Last night M and I went into the Big City (with Ian and C; C did the driving, which was a very good thing) to a Grown-Up Party (haven't been to one of those for awhile) hosted by Steve, and including such luminaries as webgod Paul Ford. It was novel being able to talk to a room full of people about whatever came up, and not once being interrupted to like make someone a peanut butter sandwich, or fish a toy out from behind a dresser, or mediate a dispute.

(Manhattan is amazing. I'm sure I would have something profound to say about all those people and all that built space, all those lights and lives and livers, if I wasn't so sleepy from having been up late last night, you know, partying and all.)

Quote o' the Day:

"It's about time a transvestite potter won the Turner Prize," said Perry, who appeared at the prize ceremony in a lilac dress with puffed sleeves.

Oh, and we've been playing Alpha Centauri around here again, so if you don't hear from me for awhile at some point, that might be why.

Or we could just be hibernating.

Look behind you:

Ha ha ha ha ha!


fick who?--FICK YOU!

just kidding.

Don't know about your phone, but my VX6000 lets you just email midis or jpegs to it.

160 != 169

Is that Eurydice? Oh shit.

Sewing machine, ironing board, blinking clock that hasn't been re-set since last week's outage, accumulated stack of items to be giftwrapped, fabric, notions, miscellaneous clutter.

the big bang



Ouch it's the Grim Reaper (holding a scythe of course) but unbelievably it was not a black robed hooded death symbol but instead a young (20's) blond reminding me somewhat of Britney Spears and the clothing was minimal. Now how can I interpet this? Catch you later or in the dreams of dirty old men.


Don't I have the kindest and eruditest readers? The koans are mostly around here; note that they're broken.


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