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Chapter One:

Thursday, November 14, 2002  permanent URL for this entry

End of day thirteen: 23,547
Goal for today: Beats me!

So I got about a thousand words written last night, after all. I also played lots of SSX Tricky. I hope I can get both sleep and (say) ten thousand more words (yikes!) this weekend.

Some recent Klez images:

earphones sofas animaniacs" weather AHA Research studies McAfee meat awww

Remember our third birthday, awhile back? We never did print all of the greetings from our readers. So here are a few:

hipy papy bthuthdth thuthda bthuthby!

Booyah. Trellis. Theivery on high. The left side of a right ready rose. Who do you think you are?

You're the only one who knows about it. I have no apologies to make whatsoever. Nothing is off limits.


congratu-roughly-lations! hope 3 years was just the beginning!

So far!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002  permanent URL for this entry

So I wrote zero additional words of novel after posting the entry yesterday, and today I've written zero more!

Current count: 22,560

Pretty pathetic. I'm still undecided about whether to stay up any later tonight and write with the house all asleep, or just blow it off (put it aside) until the weekend. I'm taking (most of) Friday off, so the weekend is three days, and that should be plenty of time to catch up on the ol' novel, eh? *8)

WordURL turns up more of that which makes the Web wonderful. bottleneck dot com: read all about some random guy's snowboarding trip with a couple of girls back in December of 2000. I love daily life.

Note also that MalnourishedGirl dot com is unclaimed, and that while WebAroma dot com is taken, it might be available at a price.

Hurry on down!

  - 5 for "harding"
  - 3 for "yahoo webcam"
  - 1 for "clitoris pictures"
  - 1 for "mia"
  - 1 for "naked gymnastics"
  - 1 for "naked pictures of helen"
  - 1 for "notes"
  - 1 for "pecan"
  - 1 for "pumpkin"
  - 1 for "spyware computer virus"

I do now have a bit more of the novel's plot worked out (at least tentatively), so writing should go pretty quick once I actually do it. Maybe I'll do at least a few hundred words before I go to sleep.

Or maybe I'll play SSX Tricky some more.

You Never Know.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002  permanent URL for this entry

The Architor is silent again, perhaps taken aback, perhaps thinking. The hood turns upward, toward the stars. If Ot were looking, she might see something of the face within the hood. But she is not.

"I must be very lonely," the voice repeats, from the half-uncovered face under the hood. "I suppose I must. But not because I am alone. My sisters tolerate me. My sisters, I sometimes think, know of everything that I do, and allow it because at some level they consider it necessary. They think, perhaps, that the chaos I introduce into their system is useful to its stability.

"Sometimes I fear that indeed it is."

End of day ten: 20,534 (back on target)
End of day eleven: 21,506 (ouch)
Current count: 22,560

So do I just acknowledge that I'm a day behind (I'm still averaging more than 1,800 a day), or do I officially set today's goal at 24,000, knowing that I don't really want to stay up late to do that?

Nearly falling asleep at work is sort of embarassing. Potentially, anyway...

Stopped by WordURL while procrastinating. It's amazing the domains that are still available! Snatch up "ThreefoldMediocrity.com" before some obscure cult gets it; start your own dot-net startup with "GownSuggestion.com"; grab up the personal vanity sites "SawtoothBoy.com" and "StumpyBullhead.com"; and "MyRaincoat.com" speaks for itself.

(While you're at it, check out what the owners of time dot net, gumdrop dot com, MySurname, and Thursday have done with their properties; that Thursday guy in particular is sitting on a goldmine.)

A spammer writes:

I am the general manager of Beijing Huayi Translation Co.,Ltd, that is a professional translation company based in Beijing. we supply high quality translation service. I hope to have opportunity to supply you with translation service. Our company is skilled in Chinese translation, especially in English-Chinese, Chinese-English,
Almost all of our translators are professional translators with many experience and good education background.

Now okay I know English is a highly irrational language, and things like article and number are tough to master, and normally I wouldn't make fun of someone who didn't quite get it right, but a translation service???

"To the court's knowledge, there is no Mattel line of S&M Barbie." (Link from Daze Reader.)

Geegaw cites the Bellona Times pointing to the Gaping Void. (I like doodles.)

  - 2 for "band aids"
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  - 1 for "helen"

Sunday, November 10, 2002  permanent URL for this entry

Top Tips for Procrastination:

  • SSX Tricky. Contrary to my usual habit, the character I'm playing most is a male (a very cool male, of course; Moby Jones, a British type with West Indian roots). Lying in bed last night with my eyes closed, I saw snowy slopes rushing toward and past me for a long long time.
  • Learing to draw chibis from one's little daughter:
    a cute little chibi an acceptable chibi

    (Hers is the one on the left; click for fuller-sized images.)
  • Writing in one's weblog, even though it's the weekend, and one hardly ever writes in one's weblogs on the weekend when there isn't a novel waiting to be written.

End of day eight: 14,764
End of day nine: 18,438
Current count: 19,649
Goal for today: 20,500

So Friday was our first "at least we're still on target" day, falling way below the word count; but we made up for it on Saturday (late into the night). The first main arc of the story is now all written down; my buffer of "I know basically what's going to happen and I haven't written it down yet" material is getting thin.

A reader writes:

"...They must all be female"? Don't you remember Enemy Mine? Not that there's anything wrong with them all being female. I'm just sayin'.

True, I could have made up some property other than the ability to bear children to differentiate (nominal) males from (nominal) females. But it's an interesting challenge this way. Especially since there's at least one character that I keep thinking of as male. Have to check carefully for slips...

perl -ne "print if /\b(his|he|him)\b/"

More evidence:

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how to hack yahoo webcam
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Webley-Vickers 50.80
What are some places that have geneticly modified foods
What is 'free will'?
What is free will?
What is the name of the animated dog that rubs his stomach and floats

What is the name of the animated dog that rubs his stomach and floats?


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