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Thursday, July 6, 2000  permanent URL for this entry

I keep meaning to bring in some screenshots of my Sims characters so y'all can admire them. In the meantime, here is evidence (from the "customization tutorial" at The Sims Resource) that any popular computer game (any technical subculture at all?) inevitably (and quickly) devolves into incomprehensible jargon:

The EASIEST way to change the pajama mesh is to download a copy of BodyWarp from Spanki's Skin Shack and load in the mesh that you want to use for your pajamas. Say you want a short nighty based on the B200FAFit mesh. You fire up BodyWarp, load in the B200FAFit mesh, and then save it out with a new filename from the list below:

Word URLs of the day: Nominees for "least contentful occupation of the namespace" include asterisk.com and fearsome.com. On the other hand, WordURL has turned up two exciting high-potential names that are as yet unassigned! Amazingly, both HotCork.com and HeterosexualNews.com are still available. Act now, these babies won't last!

So I'm randomly surfing the Net, and there's this random picture of a random person standing in some room somewhere smiling a little self-consciously into the camera, and you can see behind her this bookcase with cassette cases on the top shelves, but on the lower shelves, just visible behind her hip, her wrist, her watch, there are some BOOKS, books with covers and shiny highlights, paperback with cracked spines, and I'm thinking "ooh, books! I wonder what books they are? Do I have those books? I'd like to sit on the floor there and look through those books!"

And you have to wonder, is this healthy?

Reader Mailbag: I wrote "Reader Mailbog" the first time, but I decided that it might be interpreted as an insult, and I would never insult my readers!   *8)   Note that several of these were not written by Steve; some make sense only if you've read recent log entries, and some not even then.

Corba. Ginkoba. Pell Mell. Prince William. Or not.

He is not just a chef. He is superhuman. (Overheard on "Iron Chef").

The cows have arrived in New York City. A book cow by Borders. A jaguar cow in the zoo. A carousel-horse cow at the carousel. And they say drug use is declining. http://www.cowparade2000.com/ or http://www.cowparade.com/pages/thecows.cfm.

For Northern view: try Conrad, "Lord Jim", "End of the Tether". - M

Coo... Nomic! Yay! :-)

I've noticed that Nomic seems to be especially popular with people who say "Coo"; maybe it's the Mornington Crescent factor.

For all the creativity I've seen in various nomics, I don't think I've ever seen a nomic rule nearly as entertaining as Hugger-Mugger's "The Bicycle Pedaling Frog entitles the player to spin again without answering a question."

More gekko stories, now with v-v-video.

great photo! nice pants! - g

Thanks! Cargo pants were the reason I originally fell in love with the late lamented original Banana Republic; the boring new BR doesn't carry them anymore, but somehow (with much help from M) I've managed to keep myself in them for the last decade or so. Pockets are an essential part of the universe.

I'm so enamoured with the two-unrelated-word domain concept, I got one. Hahah.

Which one?

Clinton caught in causality loop.

They are only rock concerts if the band includes distorted guitars.

"Elk in cellphones"? In our little universe, "elk" means a heterosexual person (it started with "moose" meaning gay - don't ask - so the straights had to have an animal name too). So while elk aren't in cellphones, there are many elk *with* cellphones. Besides, they're breeders, not cloners.

I know that holopops melt easily for some reason. I bought one from www.stupid.com about 7 months ago, and it has been kept at room temperature since then, yet it's been steadily melting in the bag. It's kind of spiffy to look at though, but I can't vouch for the taste, as I haven't tried it. I also got some neato edible bug stampers, and a miniature keychain Boggle[tm] set from www.stupid.com. They have some nifty, bizarre stuff there, and a sense of humor. :)

See also Archie McPhee, of course. What great readers I have...   *8)  

Wednesday, July 5, 2000  permanent URL for this entry

"On a bet, a man climbs inside a cow. Once there he decides to say. The cow's interior is warm and soft, although very dark. But the man's eyes get by with the driblets of light that do manage to seep in. Food is no problem; there's milk and more milk. 'Fresher than diary-fresh,' the man wisecracks to himself as he pulls off his socks."

That's from the (very) short story "Milk" in Barry Yourgrau's A Man Jumps out of an Airplane. It's a wonderful book that I'm trying to savor in small sips. If the words above appeal to some quirk in you, if you like The Elephant, you should get this book at once.

The July 4th outing was great fun; like last year, I took the kids (leaving M at home to relax) down to southern New Jersey (near Cape May) camping in an archetypal vacation campground with friends from Maryland. Last year it was record-breakingly hot and humid, so this year we were the only ones from the New York side of the group brave enough to show up.

It was incredibly neat, for no reason that I can write down in little ASCII words. My kids had fun playing with the other kids, the little boy did so much swimming and playing in the surf on Sunday that he slept for thirteen hours Sunday night, the little daughter went through her Pokémon-card collection with a childhood friend (a budding entrepreneur who keeps his collection sorted by market value), I caught my Mewtwo, we all got a bit sunburned, and so on. I could bore you for pages with heartwarming details!   *8)  

The weather was lovely except for the big (and thankfully windless) rainstorm on Monday night. We didn't get to see fireworks this year (the flyers claiming that Sea Isle City were doing them on Monday turned out to be mistaken), but we built lots of sand-castles, we had no traffic on the drive home, and we all cuddled up last night and watched the shows in Boston, New York, and Washington DC on telly. It's good to be home.

So if you had a Magic Oracle, and you asked the Magic Oracle, "Magic Oracle, show me the suit of clothes which, were I to wear them, would make me look more attractive [or more competent, or scarier, or whatever] than would any other suit of clothes", and it were to do that, would it simply show you a really well-designed suit of clothes exactly matching your physical characteristics, but that otherwise wouldn't look out of place on a mannequin in Macy's, or would it show you some incredible never seen before mind-blowing set of togs that could be called "clothes" only on a technicality, and that would instantly make you the most adored human on Earth if you were to put them on?

What fraction of possible Stuff does our experience of Stuff actually cover? How strange can things get?

From Luke McGuff, Town clerks preparing for civil unions law:

"It seemed like the nice thing to do," said Cappy, who readily agreed to the request made by a local couple. "This office at one point stayed open for 24 hours on the first day of hunting season so out-of-staters could apply for licenses. I figure if we did it for people who come here to shoot at animals, I can do it for two people in love."

From gorjuss, the Game Boy Camera gallery and tutorial. Cool stuff! Unites my dilettantish interest in both digital cameras and Game Boys (did I mention I caught Mewtwo?). Maybe I should buy one.

Holopops! But what's a "Lazer"?

Friday, June 30, 2000  permanent URL for this entry

Interesting essay on Philosophies of Free Software and Intellectual Property:

This scheme has the advantage that it is basically enforced by the laws of nature. Whereas both copyright and copyleft require special laws and a means of enforcement to be meaningful, the unrestricted approach is basically an affirmation of the physical world. In the absence of laws mandating otherwise, we can make unlimited copies of software and use them in any way and extent we see fit.

I've always liked "do whatever you like" licenses myself (see the very wordy and unrestrictive terms in the source to SLIGE, for instance). Maybe they're just too simple to build a whole movement around!

Peter McWilliams Tribute site:

You died a casualty in the war on drugs. The battle was over medical marijuana. Voters in your own home state of California agreed with you that marijuana should be legal for medical purposes. Proposition 215 passed overwhelmingly in 1996, but the federal drug warriors ignored the voters, and your activism made you a target. For helping a friend produce medical marijuana, you were charged as a drug kingpin in federal court.

Indirectly from Baylink via a reader (speaking of Britney Spears), Oops, she's doing it again!

She's a Mouseketeer trafficking kiddie porn, a school-girl queen selling sex in a leathery cat suit. Does Britney Spears have any idea what she's doing?

And, how much should we care?

Oops, Microsoft did it again, too! All you IE users are religiously monitoring these security advisories and installing the required updates, right? *8)

http://[word][word].com/: Gorjuss sends a particularly amusing example: expertsexchange.com. And from apathy, we have electricalsocket.com; odd stuff well worth a visit.

Lotsa other reader notes and things will have to wait until After. Ta!


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