Continued Prosperity More Langerak updates

When last we left the Langeraks the twins had just grown into teenagers. Kaylynn and Benjamin made sure that the kids stayed focused on their studies.

Studious Langeraks Homework, chess, and clothing styles Note the picture over the chessboard; that's the house just after Kaylynn moved in, before it got all mansioned-up

Kaylynn continued to be the bedrock of the family, generally admired by all.

Eleanor and Sally Raptor toast Kaylynn Both friends... Eleanor's thinking "Kaylynn and Mother seem awfully fond of each other here; was there something going on there behind my back after all?"

Olivia toasts Kaylynn ...and family. "To you, Mom!" In fact the toasting set's been a constant nuisance, with people and guests constantly trying and failing to gather everyone for a toast. I eventually hid or deleted it, but they still do it anyway; it's a Phantom Toasting Set!

And Benjamin also prospered, eventually fulfilling his lifetime dream by being admitted to the ranks of the Society of Mad Scientists.

Benjamin goes permaplatinum "Is the plumb-bob tattoo part of the uniform?" Now he's working on Chief of Staff.

Kaylynn's life's ambition is to graduate three children from college. This requires, among other things, having three children.

Kaylynn and Benjamine, dreaming. Potty dreams On her first night of pregnancy. And Benjamin's having Elixir nightmares; maybe he's afraid I'm going to start letting everyone age.

Soon number three was well on the way.

Benjamin and a pregnant Kaylynn cuddle in bed Benjamin couldn't have been more delighted. Being permaplatinum and all, heh heh.

Eleanor Raptor admires Kaylynn's tummy And Kaylynn's friends were all happy for her. Benjamin is thinking "it's a little odd to have one's wife's ex-lover hanging around all the time, but at least she's hot".

The twins developed healthy interests in their peers.

Sophie and Zachary and some pink hearts "I don't know why everyone says Sophie's such a jerk; I think she's grand!" For some reason she hasn't pranked him once.

Zachary compliments Meadow Thayer "And of course there's Meadow." But Sophie's his favorite.

Olivia and Justin, the first kiss Olivia and Justin did eventually get that first kiss. And this one counted! (See previous story.) I like how she's holding his arm so he can't run away.

After a brief but stressful labor

Benjamin springs from the floor in surprise at Kaylynn's labor Stressful for Benjamin, anyway. You'd think he'd be less startled the second time.

Kyle Langerak joined the neighborhood.

Awwww!  Kaylynn admires her newborn son. Pleased to meet you.

Kyle and his parents Woot woot!

Zachary cuddles his new brother Zachary in particular was taken with the new sib.

Eleanor raptor is appalled Some of the hovering Romance sims, on the other hand... Eleanor is shocked to see that Kyle is nude while having his diaper changed.

Kyle's baby years were entirely uneventful (they also seemed very sort; maybe he was born right at 5:59pm or something). His parents, now used to the whole Kid Thing, had time for their own diversions.

Benjamin admires Kaylynn, who is wearing her old maid's uniform Just a little innocent play-acting. Kaylynn's thinking "the things that make men happy; sheesh!"

In a couple of eyeblinks, it was Kyle's birthday.

Kyle's birthday party Happy Birthday! I think Kaylynn was at work; Zachary was glad to do the honors.

Benjamin teaches walking to a PJd Kyle A handsome fellow. Such dashing stripes.

(After I installed the Uni Patch, everyone was as usual standing next to whatever they'd previously been doing. Kaylynn had been in the shower, so she was standing there in the altogether.)

Kaylynn in the altogether "Do you feel a draft, honey?" Unlike the other people in that situation (Gina Raptor was in the tub), Kaylynn spent a few minutes walking around doing things in the nude before looking down, noticing her condition, and putting something on. In fact she put on her PJs, which I thought was (also) funny. (Quaxi's null shader has removed the censorgrid from my game, so we've framed it in a wet shower door for this artsy PG version; the raw version has less art and more Kaylynn.)

So anyway Zachary and Olivia had a busy social life

Zachary and Olivia arrive home in separate long black limos Home after a couple of nights out

but you can only go out so many times a day. And it was therefore getting frustratingly hard to keep their aspiration levels up.

The Langeraks talking at the table A family conference over grilled cheese

Olivia: We've both got the Scholar's Grant and the Quigley.

Benjamin: You're still young, though; most kids don't start for another year or two.

Zachary: We could get a head start. A leg up.

Benjamin: I hear dorm life can be pretty stressful.

Zachary: We could stay in off-campus housing. Hermes says there's room in the house that he's renting with his girlf-- um.

Benjamin: Hermes Zoom? He's living with his girlfriend? That doesn't sound proper.

Kaylynn: We lived together before we were married, Benjamin. It didn't ruin us.

Benjamin: That's different, Kay; we were adults, we were responsible. You already had the magazine, I was in congress. These are just kids.

Zachary: The Zooms are very respectable people, Dad.

Benjamin: Well, that's true enough. What about you, Olivia? Would you be living in the dorms?

Olivia: I might. There are, uh, a few things I'm looking into.

Benjamin: That's good, do your research. What about that Danvers boy across the street? Justin? Didn't he go off to college recently?

Olivia: Oh, yeah, he did. Um...

Benjamin: Maybe he could help you find something. Good for neighbors to stick together, I always say. You went out with him once, didn't you?

Olivia: Um, yeah, once or twice.

Benjamin: Good, good. I suppose if you've learned everything that high school has to offer, college would be sensible. What do you think, Kay?

Kaylynn: I think so if you do, dear.

(Benjamin returns to his newspaper. Kaylynn and Olivia exchange significant smiles.)

Benjamin and Kaylynn see their kids (well, someone) off in the taxi Off they go. "Don't forget to look up that Danvers boy." Well, off Olivia goes; Zachary went off in his taxi a few minutes before. Sims should really be able to share taxis.

Zachary: I'm heading over to Hermes' place. You going to dorm assignments?

Olivia: I've got a few things to do. I'll catch up with you later.

She stopped at the SSU store for some clothes

Olivia modelling a wholesome cheerleader outfit School Spirit! Wild; this is exactly the same outfit she got when she aged up to teen. Coincidence?

and then she took a taxi to the address on the paper she was nervously crumpling in her palm.

Olivia visiting Justin Danvers

Justin: Wow, Olivia! I was hoping you'd come out to SSU soon. So good to see you!

Olivia: Hey, thanks, so! I mean, this is the house, is it? The Raptor place?

Justin: Yeah, you like it? People from the neighborhood've been living here for years. My Aunt Joan used to live here, and she swung things so I could take it over when Damion Cormier left.

Olivia: It's perfect. I wish I could live here.

Justin: Well, um, it's, I mean, small. There's only one bedroom.

Olivia (coyly): That'd be okay with me.

"I wouldn't mind sleeping in the same room with you."

Justin: Well, the thing is... the thing is, there's really only one bed.

Olivia (softly): That'd be okay with me, too.

Justin: Oh. You mean? I? Mmmmm...

Justin and Olivia kiss Definitely okay.

Olivia: I'm going to love it here.

Justin: Me, too.

Justin and Olivia and some red hearts Young love. This time he's holding her arm; but mostly to steady himself.

Hopefully by the time Benjamin comes to visit, he will have sort of gotten used to the idea...

Meanwhile back at the Langerak place, in what used to be the twins' room:

Kyle among the toys "It's mine, all mine! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"