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I keep these old messages here mostly because people keep finding them in Web searches, and I hate broken links. Most of those searches are about the FunLove virus, or the "Elf Bowl" game. These old postings should not be considered authoritative on those subjects!

For information on FunLove, I suggest anti-virus Web sites, like this and this. If you're wondering if the Elf Bowl game is a virus, try here or here. For Elf Bowl and related games, try a Google search, or perhaps some possibly related website like this or this.

Re: how to cure the funlove virus

Posted by Richard on October 15, 2001 at 21:32:40

In Reply to: how to cure the funlove virus posted by kevin on July 31, 2001 at 00:41:32:

It's bad enough that people may have contracted this virus, but to tell them that tehy have to format their hrad drives or remove data files like JPG, MPG et al is just adding to their miseries.
Where did you get this inane information and why spread it as fact if you don't know it to be so?
(you obviously don't since you posted it)

Anybody with this virus:
Get the free CleanFLC.exe program (just search the web) it from DOS. You're clean. Period.