Life after College Damion's bachelor pad

I was thinking that since Damion got into my story sort of by accident, and I wasn't all that fond of him anyway (I really don't like that slouch somehow), maybe he'd be one of the first Sims I'd actually allow to die of old age (once he gets his first LTW, of course). But he's having such a good time back in the neighborhood now that I don't know if I can do it.

Damion making out with a guest Entertaining one of his favorite Profs in the Bachelor Pad. Damion's into romance and sports. His LTW is to be a Hall of Famer; he just made MVP.

I'm very proud of the raised platform for the bed in the middle of the main room (the bathroom and a telephone room are in smaller rooms off to the sides). I was going to put some decorative plants down in the well that runs around the platform, but it turns out that the game thinks that things down there are on another floor, so they're invisible! (Have to try out that renderInsideObjectOnlyOnSelectedSimLevel prop.)

College graduates have a really easy time becoming prosperous, don't they? 20K buys a decent starter home, and then the salaries they immediately start to make mean that they're pretty rich in a dozen or so days. Nice from a prosperity point of view, but takes some of the challenge out of it.

(On second thought, maybe the fact that he's having such a good life will make it easier for me to let him eventually age and die; we'll see. Have to have him move someone in to inherit the place. Maybe Jan Tellerman would be a good companion in the last days of his life; I hear a rumor she's Romance too...)