Another Busy Day I. The setup

So to fill in some of the details of the day described in small print a few posts ago: Joan was visiting from college.

A nice family meal A nice family meal. That's Joan in the hat. Georgia is at work, Justin is at school, and the twins are probably sleeping.

Georgia brought a friend home from work.

Georgia brings home Eleanor Raptor Best friends with a Raptor. At this point Eleanor is the CEO of the company where Georgia is Junior Executive, or something like that. They've become great friends; there's at least one story over at the Raptors' place that I should post about that sometime. Eleanor has not yet tried to seduce Georgia.

And Justin intercepted a passing neighbor kid.

Justin talks to some kid on the sidewalk "Hello, neighbor child! Is my blazer not spiffy?" "And please ignore my Moms; they're always carrying on like that."

With this much going on (and recall that Eleanor long ago seduced John, the man of the house, Georgia's Dad and Justin's Grampa), something or other was sure to happen...

Another Busy Day II. Altercation

Pretty much everyone gathered in the kitchen (except the twins, who were miraculously still asleep somewhere). Jean made some endearing remark, and John kissed her (I actually told him to, because I thought the fireworks would be fun). This infuriated Eleanor, who leapt up and slapped him.

Eleanor slaps John "How dare you cheat on me with your wife!!" Sim Jealousy (especially in Romance Sims) is awfully irrational. But funny! I cannot figure out who got 2,500 Influence Points here, or for what; ideas welcome.

John was disgusted, and his love for Eleanor evaporated like the dew under a laser. (I mean, she'd been really cute as a teenager and all, and it was very flattering to be seduced when she grew up, but this was too much.)

Aftermath of the slap Jean, on the other hand, thought the whole thing was hysterical. My RL daughter notes that John's stance suggests that he's doing the "Attraction" thing toward Eleanor while in the process of falling out of love; these Sims! (I like the symbolism of the cloud covering Eleanor's face.)

Justin, who'd been innocently sitting at the table reading the business section while his Aunt Joan played with whatsisname there on the pinball machine, looked over in fascination. So is that what adulthood is all about?

Justin looks out from behind the newspaper "Hm, very interesting!" Note Joan getting all enthusiastic about her grades in the background; she's such a nerd!

What will exposure to all this adult activity do to poor Justin? Tune in a couple of minutes from now and find out!

Another Busy Day III. Maturation

The combination of spiffy blazer, business news, and nearby infidelity-related behavior suddenly pushed Justin's innocent mind over the edge: into teenagerdom!

Justin spins around in the air, with glowing and confetti Ka-spango! And this, friends, is why children must be carefully shielded from inappropriate material on the Internet, not to mention Playsim Magazine covers. (Hm, that wall by the pinball machine really needs some decoration.)

Fortunately he survived the transition unscathed.

Justin as a teenager Hot, or wot? Who says adopted Sims are ugly? Given the behavior pictured above I should have made him Knowledge or Fortune; but on a whim I think I chose Popularity.

Still to come (but not tonight): the twins enter childhood, Jean finally gets into crime, and Jan (or possibly Jen) discovers the Bubblepipe...