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Ultimate FIX NOJOKE even save your existing program files!!

Posted by Manuel on April 22, 2001 at 07:32:44

In Reply to: funlove virus posted by Alex on September 11, 2000 at 11:16:54:

First of all dont email me plss.

2nd here are the things that will do nothing... i repeat nothing..
*several antivirus software
*deleting renaming moving cleaning replacing(dumbest idea) flcss.exe that is located in windows\system even in dos mode
*formatting your computer, and reinstall windows..if and only if u have a 2nd drive ex. drvD: bec it will infect MOST EXE and other PROGRAM FILES not only in drive C

3rd heres how to fix it!!
goto URL:
download funfix.exe preferrable save to diskette and preferrable boot from a clean diskette. execute the funfix.exe and all your problem will be solve.