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I keep these old messages here mostly because people keep finding them in Web searches, and I hate broken links. Most of those searches are about the FunLove virus, or the "Elf Bowl" game. These old postings should not be considered authoritative on those subjects!

For information on FunLove, I suggest anti-virus Web sites, like this and this. If you're wondering if the Elf Bowl game is a virus, try here or here. For Elf Bowl and related games, try a Google search, or perhaps some possibly related website like this or this.

Not Y2K compliant!

Posted by David M. Chess on January 19, 2000 at 16:55:46

Note the cute "1/19/100" dates on the messages today; looks like this WWWBoard software has the Usual bug (that two-digit number in the time structure is the years since 1900, not the bottom two digits of the year). I really ought to just write my own. Eventually!